Friday, November 12, 2010

FOG #8 Came in the Mail!

You know, it's not every day that Wizard101 gets a cool cover story like this, but a six-page spread with a foldout poster of the Celestia Wallpaper is definitely worthy of a cover. You know what I'm sayin'?

As always, I'm just happy to come along for the ride, add my byline, and do some well deserved nose pinching.


If you're a hardcore fan of the game (like most readers of my blog), by this time you'll be well aware of most of the content in the article. I hope you all enjoy reading it. My best hope is that someone who used to play this game will now see Wizard101 has become just that much more awesome and will return to play with us all. :-)

A good sign that someone has read the FOG (that's Fun Online Games for those of you who are not acronym savvy) will be that they are riding on a cool 15-day rental for a black panther mount.

**NOTE: When you get your FOG, don't quickly throw away the packaging! No no no! There's a card within the packaging for your rental mount. Apparently there was a problem on most (if not all) of these magazines in the printing process, and the code for the Wizard101 rental mount didn't get printed in the right block with the article. Instead the code is included on a card insert inside the packaging. You need to use that code to get your mount. Just a heads up.**

Check out Bailey sporting her awesome new ride.

Oo! White and Black, nice spot to take a screenshot, uber wife!

It makes me wonder if they're going to come out with a permanent version of that. Hope so! A black cat would be awesome for a necromancer. :-)

Hope you all get your FOG soon if you haven't gotten it already. Check your local bookstore for a copy. Back issues of FOG can be ordered from the Beckett site as well.

me likey!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

i like the new picture at the top. are you jumping or swimming with your fierce hound?

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Yay first comment! Anyway, KI PLEASE COME OUT WITH PERMANENT VERSION!!!!!!!! -Richard Shadowstaff, level 55 Necromancer, 8) ( man with sunglasses emottion )

Blueroses said...

Me: What the heck..?
Two seconds later...

Patty said...

doesnt look like a panther though
hmmm i hope they have centaur mounts instead :>

Panglou said...

Um... Ok friendly lol.