Friday, November 5, 2010

Ding 57 and a few more pet questions

Yup! Ding 57.

Just one short level until my new level 58 spell. WOOT! Thanks to those who have visited me and helped me out along the way. A special shoutout to Benjamin Nightfist for all the healing. :-)

Did you know you can train these mutates if you really wanted? They're not just for sale from the Archivist? I didn't until yesterday.

Enough from me, let's get on to the questions!


Ashley SpiritWeaver asks this:
about the pet eggs thing is that what the pet shopkeeper in the pet minigame place has? just wondering cause that confused me since the beginning and i thought maybe it was a glitch but its still there

Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me about that! Tennant does have a little egg friend with him, doesn't he?

Yeah, that would probably be what the KI folks were talking about when they mentioned to me that at one time they were going to make eggs equipable. :-)


Anon asks this:
friendly how come that the ianthine specter and crabling are for sale at crowns shop but not seraph? Its still says crowns only but why is it not selling?

Yeah, I don't have a good answer. But at least the crabling and ianthine specter are now selling at the pet shop! They weren't there just a couple months ago and your only option was to farm for them. Maybe they want to keep the Seraph hidden away and special. :-) I have no idea. sorry! Readers? Any good answers?

Maybe Professor Greyrose will drop by with an answer. I'll see if I can't point her this direction to see if she has something to say about that.


Chimmy asks this:
Friendly what about the jellyfish pet and I know its real cause I saw someone with it and he said it was a boss drop but its not up there and its not a crowns pet. I wanna know who drops it

OH YEAH! Thank you for reminding me about that one. You're absolutely right, and actually I got my cool Jelly pet just a couple days ago. Check it out! me and my jelly:

Nikki's pedigree looks something like this in case you're wondering:

And the Jellyfish is actually a reward from completing this quest, so everyone should end up with a jellyfish pet if they go through Celestia:

Jelly is a death pet.


And finally, 2otimesbetter has a question:
Dear friendly necromancer
what happens if u mix 2 fierce hounds

We tested this out, and if you mix two fierce hounds you get . . . *insert suspense* . . . another fierce hound. There's no special hybrid from them as far as I can tell. Check out my new baby fierce hound I got from the cross breeding with Bailey:

Aww! Lord Champ is cute!

Happy Dueling!


Mycin Wilddust said...

Congratulation on your level friendly! I just turned 60 yesterday!!!

Panglou said...

Sheesh, you people are fast levelers, i'm only 51 lol.

Lail Deathspear said...

Maybe there is ANOTHER secret pet vendor that no one knows about it. Or maybe Kingsisle just made a mistake and accidentally put 'crowns only' on it. Here are

Chimmy said...

so that guy lied to me :P

Grayson said...

@Mycin: Do you mean you actually turned 60 or your characetr reached level 60? LoL ;)

Anyway, how DO you get a Fierce Hound?

Anonymous said...

hey friendly how come you have that present icon next to you all the time and what is in there and what are you saving it for???
sorry if i being too personal just curious ~.~

Anonymous said...

Hey Friendly, just wanted to ask for clarification:
Are Elucidate and Simplify taken out of the game for real, like they said? Because I saw you get a TC Elucidate from that quest (1st pic) but I can't find any trainers that have it.

SorionHex said...

D= That means you didn't watch my YouTube slideshow Friendly :( Else you'd have seen that Trainer =O

Gorman Swiftmancer said...

@Grayson, you get it from the 39$ gamestop double wide gift card. It comes with a bunch more stuff. Here is a link for it: