Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Log in to get your free statue!

Just to make sure you guys heard about this, here's some information on your Veteran's Day reward this year:
"Valor Reward
As many of you know, last year we offered a Valor Sword to our players, in recognition of all those who have served their countries.

This year, for that same recognition, every player who logs in to the game between November 10th at 11:59pm Central US time, and November 14th at 11:59pm Central US time, will receive this commemorative statue!

Each account that logs in during that time will receive one statue in the Gift Window. "

And also don't forget that now is the time to buy a cool Indian headdress like you see up on my blog header. Harvest Hannah will be making another entrance into the game. Look in the traditional holiday merchant spot, I'm sure.

2008 appearance
2009 appearance

I'm thinking pretty soon that blog header is going to be changing to a Celestia outfit. ;-)

Happy Dueling!

1 comment:

Matthew Stormshade said...

wait, wait wait it is the 10th today and... i logged in and no statue :(. do you have to be a vet to get one? O;