Saturday, November 27, 2010

Test Realm: My Garden's Status

Heya! I hope you've been enjoying the holiday season this weekend. I know it's been keeping me busy and occupied with all kinds of things. I did get a few chances to log into the test realm and grow my garden a bit, and I have a few pictures to share!

Here's a great picture with a lot of information going on:

1) harvesting a honey-sickle was worth 5 xp.
2) I dinged level 2 here.
3) honey-sickle gives blade cards and gold.
4) my garden rocks.
I call that garden my "happy garden." It's awesome. Here's another view:

The odd thing about this screenshot is that the words "Honey Sickle" is displayed. I'm not sure if that's a bug or not? I don't recall seeing that on any of my other loot shots from harvesting plants? I'm just not quite sure what that is?

Here's a ground shot of my Desparagus garden with a close up on that :( face of my plant. heh.

I have eight of them all clumped together. Here's the loot screen from when I harvested all eight in a row. (Hi, John Lifeglen.)

That there is a lot of minion-related treasure cards!

Here's a cool screenshot of me casting the level two bug killing spell to help out my desparagus plants. BE GONE BUGS!

One thing I want you to notice on that screenshot are all the little dots on the tree beside my garden. Do you see those dots? Those dots are the icons symbols from my happy garden plants. (I don't think those should be shining through my tree there . . . reminds me of the old graphic glitch involving the fire elf tree in the battle circle.)

And finally I have a picture of me standing in front of my ELDER Honey Sickle plants in the happy garden! ELDER!

The end result of harvesting those bad-boys was 50xp each (resulting in level 3 gardener) and three blade treasure cards per honeysickle plant. /clap clap!

As far as bug reports: I was quite discouraged to find that two of my front three laugh-o-dill plants in my happy garden just . . . disappeared . . . after harvesting my elder plants. SPOOKY! I'm not sure why, but I know I'm not the first to have a plant or two just disappear on them. I've also notice that sometimes I can't see anything but the sky when I'm in my massive fantasy palace now as well. It's a weird glitch where I have to port around to finally get the world to show up.

As far as complaints:
1) Tending to plants moves entirely too slowly. I hate to have to wait for one plant's animation to completely run its course before being able to tend to my next plant. I should be able to click click click around on my plants and take care of them quickly. Yes, I know there are AOE spell cards from Moolinda Woo's pack and that the pest zapping spells and higher level spells are AOE based, but . . . the speed I am able to cast the level one spells just moves too slowly for my tastes.

2) I also don't like how I can waste my energy globe because of accidental clicking outside of my garden. Those spells should only work if I have a plant selected.

3)Don't even get me started on the fact that plants and pets now use the same energy globe. IMHO, if they're going to do that, they need to up the rate of energy regeneration so I can participate in both more frequently.

4) Those new plant cards are showing up in my dueling deck? what? That can't be right.

5) AND FINALLY, it appears as though my plants are counting as double the house item? Maybe one for the ground and one for the plant? I'm hoping that gets fixed for sure.
Other than those little issues so far, I'm pretty happy with Gardening. It adds a whole new dimension to my housing and has been a lot of fun to mess around with. I find myself wanting to log on just to "check on my plants" throughout the day, which is kind of what I think they wanted. ;)

Good times.

Happy Dueling!


Heather Raven said...

"Honey Sickle" means you got a seed! :)

Paige MoonShade said...

2) I also don't like how I can waste my energy globe because of accidental clicking outside of my garden. Those spells should only work if I have a plant selected.

I so agree with this. Congrats on level 3 :D. I wish my plants would stop disappearing. I am sure with a few tweaks KI can make this a awesome content update :)

Panglou said...

Awesome! Gotta love harvests :).

Anonymous said...

About the words Honey Sickle popping up, that means one of the rewards for that harvest was a Honey Sickle seed. ;)

The Deathly Diviner said...

yes gardening is buggy but one thing i would suggest is letting us use the spells away from plants but just not using energy for it. I say this because it's really entertaining to be able to freeze or zap annoying people in our houses.

Anonymous said...

hmm, maybe by the game saying honey sickle, it means you got a honey sickle seed, that can happy. Congrats on those elder plants, you're so lucky.

Sierra Starsong said...

The double-counting thing - you're right, it is counting one for the pot / dirt patch and one for the plant. Figured that out when I tried gardening with outdoors already full at a small house, I had to remove an item once to make the dirt and another one before I could plant in it.

Helpful Wizard said...

Thx for checking out my video.
I love the new rewards that plants give. :) Maybe Dampen Magic and Lifebane might come back...

Eric Darkblood said...

Not sure here but do you have to be a certain level to start gardening?

Jacob said...

You got a seed, of course.By the way, can plants drop crowns? Also,my friend said something about KI doing some crowns giveaway around Christmas or something. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

You got a Honey Sickle seed. By the way, can plants give crowns? also, my friend said something about KI giving away crowns on Christmas or something. can you back that up?

Anonymous said...

lol i like how level two is called "neophyte gardener", because the word neophyte literally translates as "new plant", describing a person who is a novice at something

flash33 said...

Nice garden. I just harvested my elder bloom shroom today, which leveled me up to level 2.

And do you know what it means when the plants eminate a yellow aura, because it's kinda confusing me.