Sunday, November 21, 2010

Glitch report: Curuin Charmtooth

Have you all met Curuin Charmtooth?

Awesome staff he's holding there, isn't it? If I could somehow get my hands on a staff like that, I'd use it to cook pizzas for everyone in a traditional wood fire oven for sure . . . not that I have access to a traditional wood-fire oven, but man his staff looks familiar.

Tattoo guy knows what I'm talking about.

So, Curuin is a sassy little number with one line of text. You meet him in a side-quest in District of Stars.

Air-breathers? Freaking tyrant YOU MUST DIE! Look at him getting all Stormzilla on my group.

That's gonna leave a mark, but he's no match for Team Friendly! We soundly defeated him, and I liked the fight so much I wanted to go back for more. Alas, his sigil is bugged.

There's no X for me to click to go visit him again. sigh.

One-hit wonder. How can I return for a chance to snatch your wood-fire oven staff if I can't get in there again? (not that he even drops it, but it would be cool, right?)

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

What side quest is he from? i'd like to see him in action!

Panglou said...

GO PIZZA MAN! I would like to re-visit him also, why must it be bugged?

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Hmm, never noticed him and I done it a ton of times. Huh, I think he's new... Oh, gimme that pizza staff thingy to me NOW!!!

Willzahk said...

One request. What is Axenos' little speech and translations into normal?

Anonymous said...

I just found that yesterday! I was going to ask you but here it seems you already found the glitch.

Anonymous said...

just press X anyway. I have never hade a sigil for anything I just press x

Anonymous said...

About him going all stormzilla on your group - How did he use that? When I fought him he was Life.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Hey, this guy is now the designated target for those who want to craft the CL Observatory!

Wonder if it's more than coincidence that KI chose him to be the holder?