Saturday, November 13, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 6)

My e-mail has been bursting with cool screenshots, fun stuff, and information lately. Thanks everyone for keeping me in the know! :-) Let's see all the stuff people are buzzing about this past month:


James Iceheart has some cool glitch pictures to share:
"I had this earlier today, this guy rode his dragon the whole fight. :D"

Awesome! I haven't seen that glitch before. Thanks!


Next up is a link to a YouTube video from Benjamin Nightfist:
i dare you to try and ride this:

:-) I think you may have found KI's next mount! haha. Actually J Todd Coleman has mentioned that he would love to see a floating car steampunk mount be put into the game. That's as close to the wild wacky action bike as I think we'll get. ;-)


Adam Thunderstaff has some photos for us. :-)
Hi friendly. It's me Adam Thunderstaff. I thought you would have a laugh at the photos I sent. Maybe you could put them in a check this out.

haha! Nice Simeon copy, Adam! Reminds me of when I copied Nolan Stormgate. :-)


Next up is a picture of Tyler Deathstalker's winning postcard from when I had that postcard raffle:
Hey Friendly!

My Wizard101 Postcard arrived! I have a link in my blog and of course a picture!

Wow, Falmea wrote that! haha! Thanks for sharing man. :-)


Next up is a message and some pictures from Brandy:
Hello Friendly! I love your blog,I don't comment much( I am to quiet? Wait would that work on the internet? Well if loud is uknow what Nevermind)

Sorry I am rambling and I am excited to share this with you. So me and my siblings got cards yesterday from gamestop. I asked my sister to race me up the castle's stairs and she fell through the wall. I thought she was doing that walk through wall glitch when we discovered a whole secret room and a dungeon hallway.

That and...My brother and I were riding our mounts(his batty wings and my new griffin,) we wer racing and I couuldn't see. My brother found outu when I ride my griffin with my mask on it covers my eyes! Well thats all I have to share :D The pics are attached also :D

Awesome! Yeah that little hidden spot in the house is fun. I like how you made the secret room your underwater basket weaving spot. ;-) haha! We need to cut you some eye holes in that hood of yours. :-)

Thanks, Brandy!


Next up is a link and a story from Tanner Rubycatcher:
Hey Friendly, could you please read my story on Wizard101 Central? Thanks!
Wow, that thread is 19 pages long and growing! haha! That was one of the most random and insane things I've read in a while, Tanner. I dub thee, King of Random.

"Boy, so this is what being a chocolate bunny is like."


Next, a note from Jennifer:
Love your site, very helpful. Just to let you know, I got a firezilla (650-730 damage, 4pips) when I crossed my crown jade oni with a school stormzilla.

wow! I haven't heard of that hybrid combination before. Jade Oni with a Stormzilla . . . got it. Ok, I'm going to have to experiment with that. Thanks for the heads up!


And now from K Stormcaller . . . a link to the elf yourself site:
Laugh! Looks like all our favorite Celestia bosses are ready for Christmas. :-)


I'm gonna end on a serious note here today. A spammer has been targeting readers of my blog with this message:
Hello my dear!
My name is Miss Christiana, and I saw your profile today at ( and I became interested in you, my dear Please I will like to contact me back as soon as possible through my email address so I can give you my pictures for you to know who I am, I think we can move from here. Please Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters allot in life. Answer me back in time

Please, please, please if you received one of those e-mails, DELETE IT! I'm not affiliated with this person in any way, and I don't want you all to end up on a spam list . . . or worse. The Internet is a scary place my friends, and this e-mail has all kinds of scary written all over it.

I've made sure to go back through my blog and delete any old raffle threads that might have inadvertently still contained e-mail addresses.

Be safe! Be smart!


Happy Dueling!


first said huh then said wha? said...

Ya, that last email is scary o.O
it kinda sounds like she wants to (date) you over the game (its always fake love on wizards)
good luck! O. o

Anonymous said...

Last email = Creepy.....

Honorary Detective said...

OH wow.. I got the same email also!

Anonymous said...

on a brighter note: Steampunk car mount = WOW! I am a huge steampunk fan and would absolutely LOVE going around for a ride in my jalopy!

Hambo said...

HEY friendly do a jibjab card using people from the spiral or bosses faces and show it to us! i would like to see that! it would be hilarious to see cyrus dancing with the plague oni lol! you dont have to do it just asking cause it would be fun

Anonymous said...

I got that e-mail too and I deleted it right away.

Patrick said...

That sounds scary. Plus Friendly ALREADY is married.

Kristen said...

what about the furniture car we can buy with crowns or win from meowiarty? that one would be cool to drive around in for a mount
the car from marleybone i would love to drive around in it

Jessica said...

O.o Creepy...

Lail Deathspear said...

Hey Friendly. I was wondering if you noticed this.
I was going to Diego the Duelmaster in Unicorn Way to redeem some arena tickets, when I noticed that he had cards over his head!
I clicked on him and apparently, he trains Cloak and Conviction, both are sun school, Cloak is for privates and up, and Conviction is for Sergeants and up. Both are zero pip spells.
I hope you find this info useful!!
Lail Deathspear

Panglou said...

Yay steam-punk! Yay mount in battle! Boo scary lady...