Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few Random Celestia Questions

Bryan had a couple questions:
1- Hi Friendly!
Have you ever thought about having 4 fierce hounds(one for each color)?

2- may we see your elucidate treasure card?

1- I haven't! But check it out: Bailey and I have this all covered between the two of us. :-)

2- Sure, you can see my elucidate treasure card!

Great to know that still exists in the game in one form or another, eh?


I also have a question from Conner M:
"Hey Friendly,

I was fighting Cuthalla(the purple dude in the grotto)in Celestia,when I got an interesting drop.
The drop was a ring called ''Vial of Rebirth''.(Level 52'+s only!)
Guess what it had?Rebirth.That's right.THE level 48 life spell rebirth.
And this is NO joke.Farm Cuthalla if you want one.

Interesting drop,eh?
I wonder if they drop some others like that...
Conner M."

Wow, on a ring? Seriously? I don't know I think you may be confusing "ring" with "necklace" because I do know there's a lot of interesting necklaces out now. Just today I got a scarecrow necklace in the Lunarium. I still wouldn't trade it for my death trap necklace though . . .

Go check out the bazaar, and I think you'll find a lot of interesting necklaces in the 50-56 range for sale. Take a look at a sampling of these (one of these necklaces is called "Vial of the Sun")

If anyone can verify that Vial of Rebirth is on a ring instead of a necklace (or vice versa), that would be great! Thanks for the help in advance.


Whitestorm has a couple questions:
Hi Friendly, I have two questions.
1) The badges, "Master of Balance," "Master of Death," etc. can be obtained from learning every spell from that school. Now that Celestia is out, and there is a new spell for each school, do you have to have the level 58 spell as well to get the badge? And what about people who already have the badge and not the level 58 spell?
2) Could you give me a list of the new Celestia badges? I've looked everywhere but I can't find one.

You know, I scoured the screenshots I took of Celestia and I rolled snake eyes. I don't think there was a badge for earning the level 58 spell? Wow, so add that to the list of complexities I was talking about back on the middle of this post here: Celestia Badges. I know there's badges for a few of the Celestia mobs, but where is the badge for earning your level 58 spell!? I think that fell off their radar.

The place I usually like to go for badge information is this database kept over at Warcry. I think they had a recent change of hands with who updates that information, so it looks like that hasn't been done yet. Snake eyes again!

Wikia's giving me snake eyes, but I understand they are in flux as well as they are transitioning over to Central, which leads me to Central.

Hey! Look at that, rolled a lucky 7 at Central because they have some good info for you. (yeah yeah, I know I should have looked at Central first ;-))

-Grandmaster Artisan
-Spiral Geographer
-Shark Catcher
-Shark Fisher
-Shark Jumper
-Crab Chaser
-Crab Angler
-Master Angler

I don't know about you guys, but I think KingsIsle missed a few opportunities for new badges?


Here's a question from ViperSnake11:
I heard that there are hidden trainers throughout Celestia. Do you have a list of all the spells for all three new schools?

Heya ViperSnake! I love the name ViperSnake! Once again, I gotta point you guys over to Central.

-Secret Trainer Locations
-Sun spells
-Moon spells
-Star spells

Hope that helps!


Happy Dueling


Xinaed said...

I have Vial of Rebirth, the amulet. It dropped from Cuthalla. :)

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that the Vial of Rebirth exists, as I have gotten it and amulets of all the other level 48's :)

stingite said...

I don't doubt its existance. I doubt that it's a ring instead of a necklace.

Anonymous said...

And I do too, considering I have it and it's an amulet.

MalistairsMinion said...

I'm looking at the Vial Of Rebirth in bazaar now, its an amulet. Heals 730 health to all and gives a 450 damage absorb to all. Definitely a life school must have! I can send you a screenshot if you want.

Matthew Stormshade said...

Yes, it certainly is a amulet as i have gotten it, but i doubt it is a ring. (unless) this was the celestia equivalent of the crown athame from mooshu which gives a sprite card. i dunno just theorizing.

Anonymous said...

lol I like the Shark Jumper badge. "Jumping the shark" is television lingo for when a show has some sort of episode or event that ultimately leads to its demise. The term is derived from an episode of "Happy Days" where a character jumps over a shark on water skis as part of a competition.

Gorman Swiftmancer said...

It is an amulet, I own one, and I wouldn't trade it for my death traps anymore than my scarecrow amulet :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, friendly?
this may not have anything to do with it but.....

Have U ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Anonymous said...

160$ on wizard101 gift cards... Gulp

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Hey friendly, I was at bazaar the other day and I found death, life, myth and storm level 56+ amulets. I bought the death one XD well, I found all the amulets "not shown" in the post. Good luck finding them! -Richard Shadowstaff