Monday, November 22, 2010

Translating the Tunnel (Part 1)

This morning I was going through some screenshots in an attempt to answer this question from Willzahk:
One request. What is Axenos' little speech and translations into normal?

I was looking for maybe a screenshot of the text because apparently Axenos doesn't repeat his speech when you return to visit him. (if anyone has a screenshot of that text, please send it my way).

What I found instead was this great picture I had taken of the massive tunnel with all the Celestian text.

This tunnel was made for me.

So I got to work and translated the first two panels before running out of time (you may want to click on that to make it bigger).

I need to head to work now, but your secrets will be mine, tunnel! Mark my words!

Happy Dueling!


Ghostmancer said...

Did KI provide a key for this or what? I'd like to translate some things, but I don't know what language. :P

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Tom, some cool news: Ronan Dawn and a friend (Wolf Tamer) from Europe are working extensively to translate whatever encrypted messages they can find:

If they're not farming, they're reverse engineering the codes! Both of them translate individually to ensure accuracy and uninfluenced results!

Lail Deathspear said...

Hi Friendly, I have a question.

My friend was wondering where the yardbird in Ravenscar is. Not the one that is by the final battle with all four ravens in it, but the other one. I know you have probably answered a question similar to this before, but she has had this quest for quite awhile now.

Thanks in advance,
Lail Deathspear

Smogger Smasher said...

DUDE!!!!!!!! That is so awesome how you can translate it. I wonder what it means. Who exactly wrote it? Could this be a sign that the aliens are coming? I hope they don't have Stormzeelas.I am mortally terrifyed of Stormzeelas. AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! There's one now!!! EETS STORMZEELA!!!!!!! Oh, wait, that's a trash can. False alarm.

Ghostmancer said...

The link Kevin-
Hi... Keviiiiiin...
provided has the translation key, but you can still answer my question as a post if you want. :)

Fist of Fire said...

Nice! Can't wait to see what it reads.

Off topic, but the test realm opened unofficially today. Something with gardening and stuff.

Panglou said...

Interesting, thats friendly! :)

dakota silverbane said...

it's easy to translate all of them. the tablets in the star place show the worlds and celestian writing under it. i drew the symbls and translated them from the pictureo the tablets. it ended up giving methe whole alphabet and it has all worked so far. but i'm missing three letters: Q, V, and J.