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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The MOG Podcast with Kingsisle is Live!

During my visit with Kingsisle, Jason Winter and I interviewed J Todd Coleman and Josef Hall, and Jason made a podcast out of it. It was SUPER COOL talking with the big boys of Kingisle and getting a little face time jamming about Celestia (and whatever else).

Go check it out over on the Massive Online Gamer website!

When I first started developing questions for this podcast I had a long series of hard hitting questions. haha! Yeah, I'm a total softy. Please tune in to hear me ask questions like, "Are we going to see more shadow weavers?"

There are a couple new hints of things to come. Kingsisle hints to new "adventuring areas" that are to be side adventures in the game, and they reveal that there will in fact be more low- and mid-level content in our futures.

One of my favorite parts of the podcast was when Todd and Josef mentioned that they enjoy how fans will piece together lore and discuss the dangling threads that are out there in the game! GO GO LORE BUSTERS! Why, I even mention Bartleby's Eye of History and Grandmother Raven in the interview . . .

Thanks KI for the great answers! It was a lot of fun. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Evil Theurgist said...

Hoping to listen to it when school ends. The teachers used a DoT on me called homework.

thomas deathgem said...

Woot my question sort of...

Johnny said...

Awesome thanks!!!