Monday, August 2, 2010

A tempest of questions from Connor M . . .

Ok, Connor M has many many questions:
Hey Friendly,

I have a tempest of questions for you. Think you can answer them all?
Alright,here they are........KA-POW!

1-What is your ''perspective'' on Celestia?Do you think it will be hard?
Are you ''freaked out'' about it?
2-Do you know any other worlds coming?
3-How did you come to find out about wizard101?
4-(this relates to the 1st question)Do you think the monsters in Celestia have 1,500+ heath?
5-Where did you get a Death Cyclops?!I have a Ceberus,Orthus,Hydra,Helephant,Colossus and a Satyr.
6-Is the ''frog pet'' from Celestia?
7-Have any of your characters crafted the grizzleheim house?I'm almost done.
8-How long have you been playing wizard101?
9-Do you know a good strategy for getting gold for lvl 30-?
(I have some GM'S on one account,the lvl 30's on another.)
10-Have you beaten Orrick in the GM tower?Have any tips?

Usually I don't answer these multi-questions that I get, but Ok, here we go . . .

1- No, I don't think it'll be hard . . . unless they put in some kind of "hard mode." It seems like all the extremely hard stuff in the game so far has been optional: Briskbreeze and Warehouse. I'm a little freaked.

2- There's rumor of Candyland or Candy World, which would be a side-quest world that was first talked about here on my blog in the Professor Greyrose interview. Kingsisle doesn't seem to have any intentions of not stopping the new content. In the INFAMOUS Ravenwood Radio 19 Interview, KI was asked where they saw Wizard101 in 5 years. They really couldn't conceptualize it, but they did say they saw Wizard101 being around for that amount of time because of its popularity. More is to come!

3- A lot of bloggers were talking about Wizard101 when it was in Open Beta. One of the most prominent bloggers was Tipa at West Karana. Looking back, I think it was a post of hers that actually got me excited for my family to play this game.

4- I don't know. /shrug. It'd be nice if they had higher damage output and less hitpoints.

5- General Greystone in Plaza of Conquests drops the Death Cyclops. That's a nice pet collection. I attempted to list mine here, but it's grown since then. Most of them are just furniture in my Death House. LOL.

6- Nope. You probably know the answer to this already since this question is like a month old now. The Frog pet is from Timmy IcePick in Marleybone. (It's a really rare drop btw)

7- When you asked this question, no . . . but now? YES! Bailey did a fantastic job crafting the Grizzleheim house.

8- Since Beta . . . so almost two years.

9- Gold at level 30? hmm. I haven't really thought about this one. My alt is 25 in Marleybone right now, so I'm going to say . . . farm Timmy IcePick In Chelsea Court for that frog pet! ;-)

10- Yes. Tips on beating Orrick? Use the Quench spell. Tada! How's that for a tip? I'd probably bring a full group and a healer while I was at it. I'd try to kill him all at once, having the party attack him with their bladed spells in the same round (remember you can't use traps), so they can avoid dealing with the constant tower shields that he casts when he gets low health. Note that if you cast spirit trap or elemental trap, Orrick only removes the last of the three traps . . . so there is a possibility of one or two traps sticking on Orrick. My readers may have more tips.

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

I 3-boxed Brisk using Ice, Storm, Life. Life is great on Orrick since they get the natural boost, Storm rocks too with being powerful to begin with, and Ice can remove those pesky tower shields. Sure, it's totally possible to do it with less people, but it just makes the battle take longer. I don't bother with quenches unless there is a Fire wizard in the group...or someone who actually wanted to spend points on that spell. I won't buy those extra spells since I wouldn't use them many places. Just make sure and pack some Fire Shields in your deck(and use them as soon as you have one show!)...and better if they are not the flimsy Elemental Shields...70%+ would be best.

Heather Raven said...

I didn't find the Frog to be too rare....

Mike said...

No, not anymore, the death minotaur is not a mix of Orthrus and wraith, i found this out on a thread i made.a ton of ppl told me that. But then again, you prob know more then me, so you might be right.

Cody Shadowstrider said...

Hehe, if Candyland WILL exist, I bet it's gonna be home to gobblers on steroids xD

Anonymous said...

I got the frog pet on the 3rd try, not too rare for some :). Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a small question, just a small one instead of e-mailing you. How can I be one of your question helpers? ( where you get so many Q's you refer some to other bloggers ). I'd love to help you answering other questions, just comment at the end of this post the answer, thanks!

Paige MoonShade said...

Awesome as always friendly , great read.