Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brick-Walled Pond -- Housing Item of the Day

Yesterday I was running around gathering reagents, taking it real low key, when Kestrel sends me a whisper saying that she had a new love in the world outside of her pet white rat, Mr. Whiskers. (I would type out her gigantically long nickname she gave him, but all I can remember right now is that there's a "the third" at the end of it and maybe a "plumpington" somewhere in there.)

WELL! If this is her new love in the ENTIRE GOSH DARN WORLD, then I had to go see it. It was indeed, most awesome, and we declared it housing item of the day on the spot. :-)

Hey! I know of this guy from Dragonspyre she's talking about! Why? Because that's the reason why I've been gathering reagents lately, silly. I left off Thomas' quest to get Master artisan a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but Uber Wife convinced me that, enough was enough; I needed to get that Master Artisan quest out of the way. HURRY UP!

So I did.

YAY ME! This isn't the first time I've gone down the road of Master Artisan-ship. You may or may not remember when I got Amber Deathsong her Master Artisan badge.

I digress.

Uber-wife liked the Brick-walled pond so much that SHE HAD TO HAVE ONE NOW!

Her wish was, um, her command (she's her own master artisan after all) . . .

Here's the recipe:

So, go forth, ye' master artisans of the spiral, and CRAFT THE ITEM OF THE DAY, the most awesome Brick-Walled Pond in the world.

Thanks for sharing, Kestrel!

Happy Dueling!


Wolf Winterstaff said...

Ah yes, I remember how awesome getting the Master Artisan badge was.

The Quiet Diviner said...

Aww I'm so jealous I want that pond SOOOO bad xD but it doesnt fit into my tiny dorm LOL

Lost said...

I'm 9 Diamonds away from reaching MASTER myself. Gah! I hate hunting reagents.