Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's Who on the Friendly Family of Accounts?

Question from Thomas Goldshade:
Hi Friendly! I really love your blog to see what's going on in your world and to learn about stuff in the game! I just have 2 simple, one sentence needed questions that I would like to ask you.

1.)I've heard something about making treasure cards can be simply made by adding tough to a card and not using in battle. Is what I think I heard right?

2.) When I read your blogs that mention your other characters I usually get confused. Can you make a small list saying who has Molly, or Amber with just a couple of the more main characters in your and your families' accounts?

That would really help me when you talk about your characters and what's going on. Thanks!!!
That should be easy enough.

1) Yup! You heard right! I talk more about how to make treasure cards and use them on this older thread.

2) Sure let me try a quick who's who. I'm not going to list some of the unknown characters and really low level characters because they're subject to deletion.

Friendly's Characters:
- Thomas Lionblood (main)
- Thomas Lionblood (Evil Twin)
- Myrna Lionblood
- Molly Earthsong
- Isaiah Taleslinger

Uber Wife's Characters:
- Bailey Skystaff
- Iridian Legend
- Rowan Ravenshard

Amber's Characters:
- Amber Deathsong
- Alexandria Winterthistle

Kyle's Characters:
- Kyle Skystaff
- Sean Ogrehead

That said, you might find any of us playing any of these characters. Uber wife is known to fire up a character of mine and vice versa.

Thanks for your interest in our characters!

Happy Dueling!


Wolf Battleshield said...

Lately i've been running around lately doing a bunch of side quests and I keep looking for any of you guys. Must be on different servers??? Well I suppose i'll run across you sooner or later and i'll be like hey who were they?
Then it'll hit me.

-Wolf Battleshield; Level 48; Life

emleatherman said...

My death wizard is still in MS and is about to go to DS. She is lvl 38. What are all the side quests for MS?
Mindy Rainbowpants Level 50 Fire

Blaze Silverfist said...

O. o What about Flint Stone? Haha :)

Heather Emeraldflame said...

It is hard for people to keep up with multiple wizards we might have, but sometimes it's also fun. I have had so many people say or accuse me, without them having any knowledge about it, of not even being able to keep track of all my wizards. I'm sure a lot of it was meant as a joke, and it is funny. But it's really not as hard to keep track of them when they are your own. They almost become like real people/characters to you. In my head mine all have different personalities. Some are very serious, some laid back, one is just goofy, one is sad often, a couple are especially crafty and adventurous, etc. But when you have played all these characters through the game they become more to you than just a bunch of pixels. They do almost seem to take on personalities due to their gear, looks, even what you went through while running them, and maybe even the music you listened to at that time while playing them.

I don't think many people could ever keep up with all mine...only two other people besides me have been able to do that...which is amazing, really...also a nice compliment when someone tries to :)

Wolf Battleshield said...

Wow Heather I never thought of that.

Johnny said...

WAIT! Is Rowan Ravenshard a Myth Wizard?

A Random Question hoped to be answered by TFN.

Myrna Nightrider said...

( hey friendly check out my blog M&M http://myrnamalorn.blogspot.com/)

Mike said...

Neat o! I love the idea of an evil twin! :D