Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fwd: Party in the Test Realm!

This just came across the news wire! I'm off to the show! Bbl! Have fun partying in the test realm.

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Begin forwarded message:

Party in the Test Realm!

To improve the performance of Wizard101 for all our players, we've been updating our login servers to speed up the time it takes to log in to the game. 

To test these updates, we need lots of people to log in to the Test Realm! 

Nothing has been added or changed in the game, and as always the characters you have on the Test Realm may not match the characters you have on the Live Realm - but remember nothing you do in Test carries back to the Live Realm, they're completely separate. 

So login, log out, log back in to the Test Realm and really stress out our new login servers to the fullest. With your help, we'll be able to make logging in faster for everyone! 

Only currently paid players can log in to the Test Realm - Please visit this page for information on how to log in:


Happy dueling!


Garret Stargiver said...

Cool! I went on to the test realm you probably did too friendly. 15 minutes later I was logged out like as if it was a bug then a bug reporter came up anyone else have any problem in the test realm? Theres not much to do in the test realm but you get all those crowns and by lots of crowns stuff you couldn't normally get. I guess thats a cool thing about it.

Seth TitanWhiper said...

I actually saw you in the bazaar the same as you are on the banner.