Monday, August 23, 2010

MMO Crunch Interview with Fred and Ben

Hey look everyone! It's Fred and Ben doing an interview with MMOCrunch!

*teleports readers to the interview*


The wondertwin powers of Marketing and PR have saved the day!

Maybe the Wondertwins isn't the best analogy out there for Marketing and PR . . . I'd hate to make either Ben or Fred have to arm wrestle over who gets to be Jayna. (oh snap! Just kidding Fred and Ben!) Now, Gleek, GO! FETCH US THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THAT ARTICLE!
*snip* There will be new pet content. There will be new pets that are being released as a part of this, there will also be new talents we’re going to release as a part of this. Part of the pet system is the new talents that manifest and we have new talents that are being released as part of the expansion. *end of snip*

YES! There will be new pets and new talents to go along with those pets. That, my friends, is new information. Me likes!
*snip*What I can say is that with any level cap increase, there is always the challenge of ensuring that the balance of the game in PvP remains intact. I know that is a challenge, but I don’t know if its necessarily more of a challenge for us than any other game that has gone through a level cap increase. *end of snip*

The balance of PvP is being considered with the level cap. That should make a lot of people happy.

Thanks for the great interview Fred and Ben! And thanks MMOCrunch for the great questions!

Happy Dueling!


Isaac Mistheart said...

Two things, YAY :D and, a lot more work for kevin. :I

thomas deathgem said...

yay this means you are back to posting?

Wolf Winterstaff said...

I am all in favor a more whimsical world, as Ben put it!

Blaze Silverfist said...

I'm sure Kev will need all our help once the update comes.

Heather Raven said...

New pets! New talents! Another Petnome headache!

Anonymous said...

welcome back to W101, Friendly!

So close to Celestia coming out! Sadly, i have not beaten DS yet.

Swimming zones? Awesome!
Astro school info? Cant wait
New Talents? Epic!