Monday, August 30, 2010

Haunted Back to School Bash 2 -- The Party Pictures!

Heya all!

I don't have a ton of time, but here are just a few quick pictures from the party the other night. Me with the hostess with the mostest:

Standing next to Dreamshade . . . who is in fact, awesome, and also Jeremey Dreamgem and Wolf Soulrider:

Snacking on Blaze Mistshard's brains with the skeleton crew:

Just a ton of awesome in this panorama . . . Jessica Fairyheart being a good part of that awesome with her pumpkinhead costume:

Leesha Darkheart . . . need I say more:

And finally a big group shot with some text from the party. Insanity! (You may want to click on that pic to get a big view)

Thanks again to Diary of a Wizard for hosting the party and inviting us all to go have some fun!

I'm off to work!

Happy Dueling!


Wolf Battleshield said...

I really wanted to go to that party!! I told my brother that all of the Esteemed Wizard/Bloggers (like you Frienly) But he didn't believe me so I couldn't. But give another heads up when there's another party coming up.

Heather Raven said...

"I need more" is my favorite menu chat phrase! Next favorite is "That's the way I'd do it". :D

Beast Master said...

I think this is the First Time I wasn't in any of your Party Pictues.
I feel so left out now :(

Guess I will see you all later tonight :p

Jessica said...

LOL! That was a really fun part-ay. :) I remember shouting out words every few seconds.

John said...

Yup cool partaaayy!
Didn't get anything cool from grubb though.. Oh well! Maybe Next Time!


Shady said...

x is scanning Lionblood's blog x x sees someone familiar x OMG!!! x gasp x o: Thanks Friendly!!! lol You are awesome too!