Thursday, August 26, 2010

CHECK THIS OUT! (Episode 3)

Thanks to all the people who keep e-mailing me with positive vibes and cool stuff for me to check out! Here comes Episode 3 of CHECK THIS OUT!


First up are a couple of awesome photos from Redbarron718 (Alex Deathshade) of his Lego Wraith:

HAHA! Those are AWESOME! In the words of Redbarron718, "GO DEATH SCHOOL!" word.


Adam Thunderstaff sent me a rare photo of a tempest pet, oh, originally about a month ago, and I neglected to post it . . . so here it is!

And in case you might have forgotten . . . yes, I also own one of those (actually two of those, but who's counting ;-)).

Adam also had a picture of the Dean Darkflame glitch where you can float in his room.

Love this glitch. The first time I saw this was with Keven Battleblood in Big Ben. We tried to make it look like we were giants standing on the railing. ;-) I'd find that picture and post it if I felt like wading through my 1000's of screenshots.


Thunderbird120 sent me this cool note:
"In case you haven't seen this yet here is a link to a video that shows actual footage of Celestia from a news section on wizard 101 from Kvue news check it out at

P.S.your blog is awesome"

Yes! I have seen that video, sir! Check out this dissection I did of the commercial back when it was released. Good to know that is on youtube now.

p.s. you're awesome for thinking my blog is awesome.


Eric711 sent me a picture and this note:
"I found this on the back on the stone during the pre-celestia I don't know if anyone else has seen it but I think it might be different then what the message is from celestia. I just wanted to know what it said or if anyone else has figured it out yet."

Yup, that there is the code to break the celestia code. A Rosetta Stone of sorts. If you look at what it's saying there, it's just a made up sentence that attempts to use all the letters of the alphabet. It's kind of like, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," but just Kingsisle-style, yo.


This message comes from Blaze Legendrider:
"Hi Friendly, it probably won't happen, or everyone thinks it sounds stupid, but y'know Gen Con? I was thinking that we could host our own version on Wizard101. Sort of like a Wizard-con, but there are booths set up in a large house, and every Wizard101 blogger can come, and sort of meet each other, trade ideas, that kind of stuff. We could have small contests with some minor prizes. I talked to Dakota Silverbane and he said if it happens he might host it. But if he does host it he will probably need your help. Also, you might want to give KI this idea in case they might want to make it in their version of it.(Even more less likey!!!)"

haha! Well, as much as I like the idea of a Wizcon101, I don't know if it'll ever happen. The Game Which Shall Not Be Named has their Blizzcon and Everquest has their Fan Faire, but . . . you know . . . those are both really kind of "adult" conferences . . . full of "adults" that paid a lot of "money" to go "meet" other "adults."

Considering how safety conscious Kingsisle is about kids' safety online, I don't know if providing a live venue for kids and adults to mingle would be even high on their priority list. In fact, let's call it a liability at this point. But, I like the way you're thinking! I just don't think this is the game for a "con."


Jason Ashweaver sent me this note:
"I just made a wizard101 fansite and wanted you to direct some traffic. the URL is
Since wizard101 won't take it (hosted by blogspot) I need you to get people to look at it.

Thank you, and fell free to look at it."

Nice! Thanks, and yup, I got you on the big list over there on the right-hand side now. Best of luck to you and welcome to the Wizard101 Blogosphere!


AND, Last but not least is from me. You guys have to check this out! Some of you are probably already familiar with the Classic Game Room videos, but I just discovered this on Youtube a few weeks ago.

I absolutely love this channel. LOVE IT. It makes me wonder why I didn't think of doing this first. Not only is it funny, it's well done all around.

Here's my favorite I've found out of the hundred's of videos they have released (Warning, sometimes the host lets a swear word slip out as he does around 3:50 and 4:19 . . . just warning you in advance):

Simeon the Tentacle Droid wins . . .


Thanks for checking it out, y'all, and thanks for thinking of me. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Psst - Redbarron718 is the infamous Alex Deathshade.

*fistbumps little brother*

stingite said...

nice! Modifying post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yo FN maybe we can do the Wizcon thing as an event "in-game" like host it on DOAW

Michael Thunderspear said...

I've been watching Classic Game Room for months! If he did an Everquest II review he can defiantly do Wizard101. I hope so! :-)

Seth Titan(Thunder)Whisper said...

Well now that I look at it with that info it does kinda look like the same thing over and over just different languages in W101.