Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party Tonight!

Tonight is the Diary of a Wizard "2nd Annual" Haunted Back-to-School Birthday Bash!

Here's the info:

Date: August 28, 2010
Time: 6PM Central/7PM Eastern
Where: Nightside, Vampire Realm, Area 1

Everyone is invited from what I can tell. Especially the Diary of a Wizard Site supporters. You can shoot an RSVP here if you'd like to. :-)

Expect Nightside to be absolutely besmashed with players tonight. :-)

I may end up being late (Wife is at work when the party starts), but I will try to make an appearance fo' sho'.

See you there!

Happy Dueling!


Seth Titan(Thunder)Whisper said...

I hear friend requests are the new autographs. XD

Vanessa EmeraldGlade lvl 50 diviner said...

lolz seth

:( i missed it XD anywho remember me friendly XD i was girl in red and white outfit trying to friend you any who also i want to i understand you couldnt add me after i read that old post and i do understand how hard it is what with all the publicity...

you can not make this show up cause at least you here my apoligy hope to many people dont bug you :D ty by!

Christina DarkHeart said...

I tried to ask you a question but a lot of people were faking you. (I dont know why?) So it was hard to spot you.

Well I wanted a grimzilla for a pet, so I hatched with a stromzilla and came out a tempest pet. I was wondering if you hatch with another level 48 pet, do you get the (death for ex. heatch with stormzilla ) tempest pet or another wraith only?
(Sorry I can't really explain it clearly)

stingite said...

@Seth: ROFL

@Vanessa: Hey! Sorry about not getting you added to my friend list!

@Christina: Yup, try again! As far as I have experienced it, you can get *either* the grimzilla or tempest . . . or another stormzilla or wraith.