Thursday, September 27, 2018

Rolled and Told #1 WOOT!

Yesterday was September 26th, and as I stated 10 days ago, I was "all in" on picking up Issue 1 of the new Rolled and Told comic. I called my local shop the day before and they were kind enough to hold it at the front for me, so I could head there on my lunch break yesterday to pick it up.

Big ups to the Rogue's Gallery Comic Shop

Do I call this a comic?  It's not really a comic.  It's more like a nice comic-book-sized magazine. 

Hey! They spelled my name right!

I was more than happy to pay the $8 price tag because the quality is really worth it. The cover feels smooth in your hands, and the pages are a nice heavier bond than that easily tear-able stuff most comics are printed on.

That cow falling out of the airship is an actual thing in the adventure . . . hilarious!

Inside are five main features:
  • An adventure where you hunt down a tribe of technology thieving goblins in a high skies mission.
  • A DM advice column on how to help every person around the table shine as a character.
  • A DM advice column on critical hits/fails.
  • A fun, random loot table for odd pirate treasure.
  • A one-shot airship adventure where you become part of a ship's crew.

Love this airship deck illustration here, just wish it was on a grid!

In between each of these features are character sheets, one or two panel comics/illustrations, and at the very end of the "zine" there are advertisements for Lionforge's other products and a few pages for making notes. Awesome!  I love that this comic is meant to be used -- written on -- tucked in with your other D&D junk. You know?

I keep trying to think of ways to incorporate the adventures into the group's adventure I'm DM'ing for, and I'm sure I will find a way to make one happen, and even if I don't, it's just fun reading what these writers have come up with. Props to all the contributors.

Happy Dueling!

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