Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Woes of Getting Out-tanked

I play a lot of Reinhardt on Overwatch. Most days I'm perfectly happy to queue up as the tank, but then there are days where things are about as painful as can be (as keenly portrayed by the Art of Warlord)

As a shield tank, the game is designed to destroy you again and again. Your shield eaten away by a Bastion, punched away by a Doom, slammed and stunned by a Bridgette, hacked by a Sombra, blown 50 feet in the air by a Jankrat, slept on the ground by an Ana . . . and MORE!

But the WORST thing as a tank is when you get out-tanked by the other player or when you're not supported as well as the other tank. A few examples:

  • Executing a beautiful ultimate (5 on the ground!) only to find that no one is there to finish the job with you.
  • Charging an opposing Rein or Doomfist and your team doesn't take advantage of the other stunned player (but the other team definitely takes care of you) 
  • A Lucio or Mei coming up and hassling you with your shield up and no one is killing them.
  • Wasting an ultimate because the other tank tricked you out of it
  • Better positioning
  • Better Ult Charging
  • etc.

As a Rein, my eyes are always on the other tanks looking for moments when I can take them out of the equation -- I get mad if I can't do that. It always feels like if I can out-tank the other guy, then our team is going to win. If not, it's an unhappy ending.

 That said, I really think there's no one to blame but myself. A few examples:

  • I kind of take for granted that people know what I'm doing and why, and I seem to not communicate very well during the heat of the battle. 
  • I don't watch the kill feed closely enough to know if what I'm doing is too risky or not. 
  • My situational awareness as a tank is lower than it should be. 
  • I Leeroy Jenkins far too much and too often. 
  • etc.

So with all that said it feels like I've peaked with Overwatch as a tank unless I can evolve as a player. I've identified what I need to improve on above, but after a bad string of losses, I don't know . . . it makes that original happiness to queue as tank much less joyful.

It's just feels a lot more fun to play as a DPS or a tricky support character like Mei or Lucio. I guess I wish it was just more fun to play a tank rather than someone who hassles the tank. Maybe a bigger hammer? Maybe a different character? Maybe a different game?


Happy Dueling!

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