Sunday, September 23, 2018

The week in review 9/22/2018

Hey all,

I haven't blogged in a week, and I'm not sure if anyone really missed that or not, but hey! A lot happened over the week, so let's take a moment to review.

TellTale Games Layoffs
Quite sad to see this happen to any games company. To be honest, I hadn't played many Telltale games aside from Minecraft Story Mode with my kids, but I did play a lot of LucasArts games back in the 90's, and from what I understand, TellTale was a break off of LucasArts.

Anyway, it was big news and you could hear people talking about it all over the KingsIsle offices expressing that "hushed tone of sadness" for the fine people now out of work. I've heard that same reaction every time a new bout of layoffs was announced somewhere. You always hope the best and know that it could happen to anyone. It happens too often in this industry. The worst part was hearing that a staff of 250 was brought down to a staff of 25 and no severance package was given to the employees. 

Super sad news.

Animal Cove's next 100 levels
On a totally different topic . . . whew, we worked super hard last week finishing up the final touches on our batch of 100 levels that hit the streets on Friday! I know that some of you may be a bit disappointed no story came along with those 100 levels, but not to worry, more to the story is on its way while the level design team keeps chugging out new puzzles for you. :)  I really hope you enjoy them.  We're already hard at work on more levels  . . . and other surprises!

A week of limited gaming
So, there are several reasons why I haven't been playing many games this week, but the major reason is my son took over my computer so he could play A Hat in Time. My computer is the only one in the house where the game isn't a complete lag fest.

This game looks really fun though and he's been having a blast with it.

I'm still logging in to Paladins every day and at least grabbing my daily reward, which was extra amazing this week with a 2x bonus.  It was pretty awesome on the Crystal days. Gotta love that x2 rewards!

Of other news, I re-downloaded Elder Scrolls Online . . . why? I miss my scaley boys!  This is my "Stingite" creation.

I gotta do something about that awful hat though

He's a sorcerer focusing on Summoning and using big weapon attacks. I logged on, re-familiarized myself with the game's controls and even completed a quest chain where I saved the King of a place called Daggerfall?

Nice goatee my dude!

I may get back into leveling a bit in this game, so more blog posts about ESO are on their way I suppose?

Nintendo Switch Online
Other big news this week was about the new subscription service for Nintendo. Polygon had a great FAQ article about it here if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Picture compliments of Polygon's Article here.

OH THE COMPLAINTS FROM MY DAUGHTER about this new online service. I spent the majority of two mornings (the time we get to talk most together) hearing all about the injustice of this new fee for online game play.

OH THE MOCKING I heard from around the net (careful with that link . . . it goes to reddit) about how silly it was an how it doesn't provide any value.

Well . . . we're now subscribed as a family . . . so . . . complain and mock all ya want, my dudes. I can't wait to check out the extents of the sub plan and also, I'm just glad my daughter can play the online portions of Splatoon again. She's all about this game, and I hate to see her not be able to play with her buds.

I suppose you can hear more about that here too. :)

I'm anxiously awaiting the release of episode 32? 33?  32.5? of my Wizard101 walkthrough with The Art of Warlord. Morgrim hasn't uploaded it to YouTube just yet . . . but we're busy questing through Polaris together at the pace of one hour every couple of weeks. BLINDINGLY FAST SPEED RUN!

If you haven't caught the series, or just need to see our wrap up of Dragonspyre, you can check it out here.

ALSO, don't forget to tune in to Morgrim's stream of us playing Jackbox TV with a few KI Devs this week. Sure to be a lot of fun. :)

And that's all the catch-up news I've got in me this morning! WHEW!  Thanks for reading and as always . . .

Happy Dueling!


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