Friday, September 14, 2018

Overwatch vs. Paladins Updates

Both Paladins and Overwatch had updates over the past week, so let's take a moment to give you TFN's condensed and quick thoughts!

You can read the full update notes list here, but TLDR:
  • Adding more lootbox stuff.
  • Made it so you can control Grohk better during his ult (it was crazy before -- but this is also a nerf since he could move incredibly fast.)
  • Console players can report bad behavior now (didn't know they couldn't)
  • Queuing and re-queuing has been improved (yep, I'm really digging this change)
  • Other hero bug fixes.
  • There's stuff they know are issues, but . . . THEY'RE WORKIN' ON IT! GET USED TO IT KID! .

There's a new robot Grover skin, which makes no sense, but that's cool

You can read the full update notes list here, but TLDR:
  • NEW MAP -- Busan -- and you can check it out in the Arcade currently!
  • Hero gallery filters added.
  • See your team mates through walls more easily.
  • Weapons with spread now will have their damage calculated more correctly.
  • Bridgette will now also get knocked down if she charges charging at a Rein or a Doom during their charge powers.
  • Rein's shatter covers the payload better and other areas as well. (Can't tell you how upset I've been when I've shattered and the stupid Bastion player on the payload didn't get knocked down by my ultimate -- this is a good change.)
  • . . . and other hero balance changes. (I ain't listing them out.)
  • GM comp players can group up with lesser folks
  • Rialto's payload goes a bit faster. (woot for the attacking team!)
  • (And although not mentioned on the notes, Demon Hunter Sombra skin for Blizzcon!!)

There's more there, but I figure if you really want to give it a read, you already have.

Busan Screenshot courtesy of IGN.


It's interesting to compare and contrast the notes. It's not surprising that Paladins is going to patch in more lootbox stuff and be straightforward about it -- that's how they make their money. Overwatch is also in a different spot for updates as they monetize differently and are in a different stage of development for the game. (That said, I really hope the rumor is true that the Demon Hunter skin coincides with a Diablo 4 announcement??)

Busan is a collection of relatively cool maps. They are a bit hard to defend from my past couple of days playing there, but I'm sure as time goes on, I'll have more insights. Here's a quick video of four highlights from playing last night.  Nothing amazing here, but it does give you a glimpse at where some of the action happens on these maps.

I really hope Paladins keeps growing and adding more stuff. I'm pretty close to throwing down the $40 for a full character unlock. Of course, I'll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, really happy that queuing up now has less roadblocks. That's a plus.

As for last night's Overwatch session at Busan . . . I had a lot more fun playing Mei than I did Reinhardt, but I still played him when needed. Maybe I'm not quite as burnt out as I thought I was in that previous post of mine. Time will tell, but I'm still here playing!

Happy Dueling

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