Monday, September 3, 2018

Holy . . . TEN?! Really? Way to go Wizard101!

Wizard101 has turned 10. Can you believe it? I logged on yesterday and celebrated the Wizard101 10th Anniversary by completing the all new quest titled "The Milestone." This was the first time I had seen the quest as I hadn't even run it on the development server yet (like I would have in the past). It's kind of crazy how the new job really does separate me now from the development of Wizard101, which is kind of amazing in a good way. I came into this game as a fan, not as a hired hand, so it's great to get a glimpse of that back again.

The most I had seen of the quest, was what we had put into the Anniversary Video of TJ O'leary doing his gamma lines for the quest. Can I just say how cool it was to see all the professors standing in one room?

Yup! All my NPC buds!

I loved that the quest painted itself as a ruse for a surprise party with Gamma sending you to the "ombudsman" house with some urgent business. Oh man . . . the drama was about to get thick! Who knows what nefarious public complaint the ombudsman had received about our beloved professors. THE DRAMA!

YOU GOT ME, GUYS! (not really, but I'm gonna play along)

I also loved how the quest was all about the player because that's really what it's all about, yo. Ambrose put it best, "But I can say, without an prevarication, that we absolutely could not have made it without you." (Nice word, writers!)

Preach it, Ambrose!

I put my Decaversary Statue in a nice empty spot in my Death House to celebrate. (although maybe I should float that over the pool instead . . . hmmm)

I still wish I knew who Kayla SilverStaff was . . .

It's been an amazing and wild ride to this point, hasn't it? Thanks for reading along on my blog. Life is full of crazy twists and turns, but I'm glad we've had Wizard101 to keep us together to this point. Here's to "many more Decaversaries to come" as Ambrose would say.

Happy Dueling!

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