Thursday, September 6, 2018

An Hour with Terminus

I'm still playing a bit of Paladins here and there -- I've been trying to remember to at least log on, collect my daily reward, and play through the quests.

Gotta get that extra gold and xp!

The other day I faced off against a team with a really good tank character that just controlled the game. I immediately knew this was going to be the next character I needed to give a shot.  I have to say he's my favorite tank character in Paladins so far.

. . . And since all I have to refer back to for comparisons is Overwatch (never played Team Fortress 2), he's like playing:

  • Reinhardt (for the "Massacre Axe" swing -- SWOOSH)
  • DVA (for the "Reanimate" ultimate -- he can resurrect with an exposion)
  • Zarya (for the "Power Siphon" shield that powers you up and you absorb damage)
  • Hammond (for the "Shatterfall" ground slam).

. . . all in one character!

Looking forward to unlocking those other abilities!

Outside of this . . . he just looks cool and has one of those overly tragic backstories: he's a soulless golem guy full of evil crystals whose only purpose is to be a war machine. Awwww!

 He's begging to be nerfed.

I grabbed footage of a win from last night to kind of show you how he plays. Obviously, I don't know these maps incredibly well, and I've only played him about the number of times as the number of fingers on one hand, but check me out!

BTW, if you're interested in trying out the game, please feel free to use my referral link so we can get both get the good stuff:

Happy Dueling!

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