Wednesday, September 26, 2018


It's that time of the week again where from Tuesday through Thursday in Animal Cove you can play the baby animal event and earn yourself A SUPER CUTIE!  This week I was working towards the baby piglet. It's rescuin' time!

Is that a Trevor Wrecks easter egg on the left hand side?

It was a pretty awesome set of six levels that gave a good challenge and, yup, I spent coins and boosters on this one, but Oinkster is completely worth it.

4 stars and 8 tikis? ON IT!

He has possibly the craziest backstory of them all.  Especially, um, this part, "That's why I didn't really like the Baby Animal Shelter. All the humans kept their distance and when they did come see me, they wore funny rubber yellow suits with windows in the hoods."

Is that a pig stink joke or a radiation joke?

Did you know you can buy one of those suits if you have $1,310.99? LOL!  I love that they put the 99 cents on there because let me tell you . . . $1,311 would be just OVER THE LINE for me.

 I now need this Winston outfit . . . thanks Oinkster for pointing that out to me.

Just one more baby animal and I'll have all five! (until, you know, we release a few more baby animals that is . . .)

Happy Dueling!

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