Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fun with Quiplash and Tee K.O. on Twitch

I had a great Twitch stream last night where we had a lot of fun playing Jackbox TV games with my crew and the Tara Cat Club. Thanks everyone for showing up and playing along. It's been FOREVER since I tried to stream something here from the house, and it was great to have that kind of reception.

Morgrim mentioned she had never played any Jackbox TV games a few days ago, and that's when I hatched the plan to have us play together on Twitch. My daughter originally purchased the game for us, and we've been playing them together as a family for a few years now.  We currently own Jackbox TV 3 (from Steam) and Jackbox TV 4 (on the Switch). They are all super fun games in the party packs, but out of all of them Quiplash and Tee K.O. have always been our family's favorites. (The word on the street is that Jackbox TV 5 is coming sometime this fall btw.)

Check out this highlight from Quiplash last night. It's pretty much the entirety of our first game together.

During that clip you get to experience the craziness of a full on raid from the Tara Cat Club. wow! 

. . . and here's a highlight showing off the winning shirts from Tee K.O., which is a game where you draw and design T-shirt images and slogans. It's a ton of fun.

Look at that . . . Michael FireHammer with the win.  :)

Probably the coolest thing about Tee K.O. is that if you like the shirt you make, you can actually order it to be made from the company . . . unless they discontinued that?  I didn't see the option last night to buy Michael's shirt, but maybe I exited out early or something.  Anyway, we've purchased two shirts in the past.

One of my daughter's old memes is to insert "Cuss" instead of the real swear word.

Let me know if you had fun watching these and if you'd be interested in doing it again sometime.

Happy Dueling!

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