Monday, September 10, 2018

An Hour with Grohk

I continue to log on to Paladins daily to complete my quests and claim my log in bonus! This weekend the healer Grohk was back in rotation, so I gave him some play time. Not only did I give him some play time, but I also went to the training range and gave several of the healers a shot to see how they played versus him.  There's a pretty great spot in the Paladins' training range where they have a target continually getting hit by another NPC so you can test out your healing powers. The one I grokked the best was Grohk. (see what I did there?)

I even have a skin for him! He's typically blue colored.

My one complaint about this dude is how "dumb" they made him sound with his voice over. I wish they would have went more, I don't know, "mean"orc with him?  Either way, his lighting staff is about the most amazing thing ever and especially after getting his Spirit's Domain ability.

I'm not sure why I'd want to use anything BUT Spirit's Domain TBH

So let it be known . . . I hearby choose Grohk as my healer of choice in Paladins! I now have my DPS choice (Drogos), my tank choice (Terminus), and now my healer choice. All I need now is to choose a flanker, and I'll at least have four characters I can concentrate on for learning. But, as per usual, "favorite characters" are sure to change over time for me. ;)

I went ahead and quickly recorded some Team Deathmatch play with Grohk today, which was a little frantic. The thing about Team Deathmatch is that you typically run all over the map "hunting" for the other team. Our team was together, but spread out a lot and that makes healing as Grohk a little interesting, but we won the fight and my healing was double what the other team's healer put out.  I'll take that as a success.

Happy Dueling!

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