Friday, September 7, 2018

New Animal Cove Content and Another Baby Animal Gauntlet

It was a big day for KingsIsle yesterday!  Not only did we release Wizard101 on Steam (and shoot way up the free to play charts immediately), we also launched 100 new levels and more story content for Animal Cove! So excited to get the 301-400 batch of levels out the door. We hope you really love our latest update.

On a personal note, I played through another Baby Animal event and earned my new wide-eyed deer animal named "Dawn." CUTE!  A fawn named Dawn.

I love how they all have that I've-never-seen-a-camera-before look

Dawn's gauntlet was an interesting one.

I like how this level looks like a very excited bunny

It started off with a collect starfish and collect flowers level that had some good pinch points at the bottom, and ultimately you're going to have to work pretty hard to get those 50 flowers. Whew!

There were a couple really fun collect mushroom levels as well. Unfortunately I didn't capture screenshots of every level, and I typically get excited and use boosters on levels 3 and 6 so that I don't fail my final checkpoints. In fact, I beat level 3 so fast that I ended up screen capping it after the fact and took my BEST SCREENSHOT EVER!

Yup . . . need to frame this one . . . 

Anyway, Dawn the fawn is now happily wandering around and looking out for trouble.

Dawn is allergic to excitement, danger, and healthy foods.

Feel free to leave any feedback on levels 300-400! I'm always interested in hearing or passing along your thoughts.

Happy Dueling!

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