Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Four Privateer Henchmen Walk Into a World of Dreams

Last night I decided it was time to level Friendly Thomas for real this time, not like last time on the Test Realm.  I pretty much followed the same path, but it went much faster this time for some reason.


Take that crab boy!

What I didn't personally do on the Test Realm was the new Old Scratch promotion quest, which is also the introduction to the new Skeleton Key bosses. I haven't seen the latest KI Live yet, so the promotion quest was essentially brand new to me.

So I sauntered up to Old Scratch and asked him what that big yellow question mark above his head was all about, and MAN he was really laying the mumbo jumbo down thick!

Settle down, my dude! We got this!

So, as I gathered, there was an "other side" where Evil Old Scratch was working up some evil mojo that would certainly be the doom for a very confused Good Old Scratch. Madame Vadima knew what was up though.  She let us know all about this crazy, alternate dimension we'd never heard of before . . . the world of dreams!  Sounds awesome until you hear about those "Nightmare Doors" on an "Isle of Bones."

Always loved this place . . . nice choice Pirate101 Devs.

No one was around and not knowing what I was in for, I decided . . . what the heck . . . let's give this a whirl.  I jumped in the fight and soon discovered that this looked to be a multiplayer affair. GULP!

Wow . . . the levels on these enemies! YIKES!

Nightmare Old Scratch was no joke as he had a spell that pretty much damaged everything on the board at the start of every round.  My companions were quickly taken out, and I knew I faced certain defeat soon, so what did I do?  I did what every decent human being with a supply of Crowns would do and ordered up a whole team of those level 70 Privateer henchmen!

My own "world of dreams" team!

An old trick of Old Scratch's was to summon up a whole bunch of evil lackeys to fight us, so, lo' and behold, there was nothing better than using Blast of Discord on them round after round thanks to my amazing team of Privateers!

The betrayal! Gasp!

Between that, the bombs, the heals, and everything else a whole team of level 70 Privateers provide, I was able to pull out a win for Team Friendly and, most importantly, my good bud Ol' Scratch, who now has a shiny new promotion look! Woot!

Nice hook upgrade -- looks like you could give someone a good "scratch" with that . . .

I suppose now I just need to level my Privateer and do it all over again because, DANG, that new Old Scratch ability . . . WOW!  That's awesome!

Is this real life?

Happy dueling!

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