Sunday, September 2, 2018

Character Spotlight: Avantador

Happy Sunday! Continuing on from last week, Sunday is my day to spotlight one of my D&D characters. This week's character is one I've talked about before on another blog of mine, so it's going to be kind of an easy cut-n-paste type of weekend for me. I present to you . . .

If one was to look at Avantador now, they'd see a seasoned adventurer who's journeyed to the far reaches of The Feywild and back and fought everything from flaming skulls to hell-pigs, but ultimately he's an orphaned hero with a tragic past.

I love me the scaley boys

Avantador's clan was destroyed in a series of ice giant attacks. Someday he will go back for vengeance but he needs to train. He wants to sing the song of their destruction. His family was destroyed while protecting him. Mentioning giants tends to upset him greatly.

In fact, if one was to merely mention a giant, he'd probably tell you one of these 12 jokes randomly.

D12 roll:
  1. What’s the difference between a clown and a giant? Their shoe store.
  2. It's not a giant's fault they think they're the center of the universe. They just can't see anyone else.
  3. What happened when the giant wanted to hang himself? Nothing, he couldn't find a high enough ceiling.
  4. Yo mama so tall she tripped on a rock and hit the moon.
  5. How do you make a giant look more awkward? You can’t.
  6. What do giants and boulders have in common? Intelligence.
  7. What does a giant and a burnt out torch have in common? They’re not that bright.
  8. What do you call an attractive giant? An evolutionary miracle.
  9. What’s a giant's worst fear? Ceiling fans.
  10. Ever noticed that giants look like slinkies when they run.
  11. Giants are only good for two things: Laughing at them and getting runaway levitating wizards.
  12. Where did the giant find a girlfriend? On the roof of a nearby house.
Avantador is a very charismatic Silver Dragonborn Bard with a heart of gold and a very clear sense of what's good and what's bad . . . and giants are always always bad. Avantador likes to look clean and wears nice clothes (Blue robes, typically). He's a storyteller/singer/songwriter and will perform in exchange for lodging. Besides singing, he is also skilled with the Lute and Hand Drum.

One of his more famous songs is one about his tragic past and the necklace around his neck. If anyone ever asks for the story behind his necklace, he will offer to sing them a little song.

Mother’s Necklace (Avantador’s Theme)

My mother held me tight
Every single night
And she would sing to me
Rocking me to sleep
Guiding my right hand
Peace upon our land
And all that she had
Was all that we had
All we needed then
Was the family den
And the Dragonborn
Why did no one warn us

When the giants strike
They slew us left and right
It was a blood-stained night
I hid away in fright
Too young to fight
But I watched father die
Nothing left to caress
But my mother’s necklace

And so I’m on a quest
Until they’re laid to rest
I will live my life
Until the time is right
And this Dragonborn
Who no longer mourns
Has been strengthened by time
And is now driven by rhyme

When the dragon strikes
No giant left in sight
To be a blood-stained night
From the point of my knife
Nothing left behind
And the nightmares remind
There’s nothing left to caress

But my mother’s necklace


As a proud member of the Althea and Company group, Avantador is possibly the youngest, but for some reason seems to be the one making all the "dad" decisions and although his honesty and quips can get him in trouble, no one really stays mad at Avantador for long.

An encounter with a half-orc bard in a plumed hat swayed him to journey down the College of Valor, and since he seems to be the most heavily armored of Althea and Company, he spends a good deal of his battle time on the front lines next to the Tiefling Monk while his Wood Elf Ranger and Rock Gnome Wizard companions plunk away at their enemies with bows and spells.

One thing is for sure, the journeys of Althea and Company have made him strong and soon his eyes will turn to giants.

Happy Dueling!

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