Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Awesomeness of Christmas 2011 in Wizard101

Yeah, in 2010 we got festive decorations, free hats, the Ice Elf appeared, and it was all about the giving tree.

2009 was about the same except for the addition of the Charity Meowmodon Mount. :) (So glad they upped the speed of that mount to 40%.)

2008 didn't have silent night caps I don't think, but we did have decorations and Felix Navidad.

BUT, 2011, Y'ALL!!!

2011 has been a lot of fun so far. As I type this, we're knee deep in the new Wizard101 "12 Days of Wizard."

On 9 December, The Charity Chrismoose was introduced into the game!

I laughed over this thing. LOL. It looked like a dog with moose horns tacked on . . . aka Max.

I'm really glad they've made the Chrismoose's nose glow and lightstrand on his antlers light up. that definitely makes max more awesome.

On 10 December, fans were treated to a poetry contest.

On 11 Decemeber, there was a one-day only free Christmas light strand housing item they gave us.

On 12 December, there was a one-day 50% off sale on the Horde packs.

On 13 December, the new Artic Ninja Pig made its appearance in the crowns shop.

On 14 December, a slew of cute new holiday housing items came to the spiral. Best thing about these . . . you can buy them with gold! Yay!

On 15 December, we all got a free snowman transformation. :) That's not a new thing in Wizard101, but free is free! I'll take it!

On 16 December, Candy Cane mounts! Hooray!

Today, on 17 December, an e-mail coupon code was mailed out to all Wizard101 fans. This code will randomly give you a discount on Crowns and Subscriptions purchased on You can get as much as 50% off the regular price of these items today. Wow!

As it sits now we still have four more days of gifts and discounts headed our way! I can't wait to see what's next!

This has definitely been the best efforts Wizard101 fans have seen for the Christmas holiday season. Thanks Kingsisle!

And thanks for this hilarious Christmas song . . . TAKE US OUT KINGSISLE!

Although that entire video is awesome. I'd have to say this is the best part. :)

Happy Dueling!


Victoria Dragonsong said...

Thanks, Friendly! I especially like how you pointed out the outfits at the end. Have a Happy Holiday!

Tara Darkgem said...

I agree! This year has been the best Christmas in Wizard101! ;) lol if this year has been this good, imagine how good next christmas will be O:!!

ProfessorGreyrose said...

Those were the contest winners :)