Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Elf + Seraph = Frostcaller!! Woot Bailey!

Check this out!

So Bailey was doing some breeding yesterday to try and get some talents to show up on a cross of a Christmas Elf and a Seraph. She was quite shocked when a jade egg appeared with a card of Satyr!

In fact, she called me up at work and was wondering about what she had done. She even second guessed herself and said that she probably had hatched the seraph with her patriotic leprechaun by accident. So she did the combine again, and wouldn't you know it, AGAIN she got a jade egg with a Satyr card. What the heck!

Well today those eggs hatched and lo and behold, it's a Frostcaller! You know ... That pet that's usually reserved as a level 48 pet hybrid between a satyr and a colossus? Wow! (ignore her storm elf in the picture below ... The interesting thing here is that baby Frostcaller!

So there you have it! Christmas Elf + Seraph = Frostcaller. Thanks, Bailey!

It makes me wonder what other pets you can get through holiday pet combinations? Let me know if you find something out!

Happy Dueling!


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Way to go, Bailey!! I'm glad that pet hatching is starting to take on a little more complexity than first designed. Before, we had defined hatching rules about which pet crossed with another specific pet would create a known hybrid...

But, over time, "hidden" hybrids like the Firebat and Bailey's newest Frostcaller are popping up unannounced, giving us a little tease on what Wizard101 Hatching will be like in the future as more and more pet models are released. "Little Elf + Healing Creature = Icy Seraph" Hatching is becoming a little more intuitive~

I can't wait for the Ice Phoenix to be discovered (and released)....I'd love to have a big, glowing ball of blue and white following me as I run through the Spiral.

Blaze Shadowblade said...

It's likely that KI is more generous with the hybrid possibilities from class pet crosses because we are pushing so far forward that level 48 is a thing of the past. Soon you might be able to get a thunderbird from crossing a stormzilla with a sunbird or a dark crow.

Danny Soderberg said...

Hmm... Some of the pet combining process is a little confusing to me but i understand it quite well... the only thing i don't like about hatching is a: The price and b: leveling the pets up to adult. :/

Danny Soderberg said...

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Thanks :D