Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spell of the Week -- Insane Bolt!

The Spell of the Week this week is one of those that you hardly see used because the risk just doesn't seem match the reward. On the other hand, it can sure make things happen quickly either way because of its impressive power. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the . . .


As you can see from the spell card, it's a storm spell that deals moon damage, making it a very unique beast from the get go. It's a flip of the coin--1000 to your enemy or 10000 to you. When someone plays the Insane Bolt card, it's do or die time.

The spell is typically earned by Storm Wizards when they are 55th level through completing a spell quest in Wintertusk where you have to battle it out with a particularly nasty Grendel named Skabrok, a rank 10 storm boss with 8,000+ hitpoints. The rest of the populous have access to the Insane bolt card through treasure cards in the Bazaar (these drop liberally in Zafaria) and a crafted necklace.

Good luck using this spell, you're gonna need it!

I asked the readers of the Friendly Necromancer to try and capture the Insane bolt in action. They responded in droves! Check 'em out.

Kristen Willowshield:

Fallon Ravenshade:

Haley Earthcloud:

"That hurt....alot :)"

Micahel Bearleaf:

Elijah Lightthief:

Michael Soulslinger:

Ronan Drakeblade:

Methinks Ronan and Michael were in the same battle circle O.o

Fallon Seagem:

Alric Dragoneyes:

John Mistthorn:

"Happy new year everyone! Yea i thought the spell was gonna hit the other guy, but it hit me. So i got into a conclusion: Storm guy with 85% storm damage + Insane Bolt = terrible.
Tip: If you're casting that spell, be sure to ALWAYS have a storm shield."

heh. See comments below on why using a shield doesn't work (it's moon damage).

Terri Spell:

"P.S. Die little mander o.O"


Andrew Goldriver:


"I bet this would be too much for akilles eye!"

David Spiritblossom:

Ronan Shadowhammer:

Nathan Goldenshield:

Destiny Soultamer:


"Luckily I had ten in my sideboard from Celestia mobs and such. ;) Hope your Christmas was wonderful!"

It was thanks, Ben!
Ebony Titanfist:

Steven Dragonspear:

"Steven here! I hope you like my screenshot! It took a long time to create the amulet for this then I found out there were some treasures at the bazaar lol."

LOL! Well I hope that amulet comes to some good use. Thanks!
Luke Shadowblade:

Austin Swifthorn:

Seth Hunter:

"i was wearing my pigswick gear but i was a few seconds off."

It appears your intuition was right!

Ryan Lifegarden:

"Luckily, for the first time I cast it, I didn't get hit :)"

IKR! Gratz!

Elijah Stormheart:

Tara Darkgem:

"Here's the spell of the week! ;) btw late Merry Christmas!!! To you and Bailey!!"

Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks to everyone who sent me a screenshot! Those were some great pictures (I think my favorites are the ones where it's the caster getting blasted lol).

Happy Dueling!


Austin Swifthorn said...

In a reply to someone's comment:

Sadly we can't stock storm shields because Insane Bolt uses Moon damage. I'm pretty sure KI made it storm damage specifically so we couldn't block it very well. High Resist, and Stacking Different Tower Shields seem to be the only things we have. Although that still probably isn't enough.

Honorary Detective said...

That was pretty awesome to finally see a moon resist, thanks to:

Elijah Lightthief
Destiny Soultamer
Steven Dragonspear
Elijah Stormheart

Pretty awesome entries! And I agree with you, It's pretty fun to see the caster getting hit!

John MistThorn said...

So why was my storm boost activated? O.o I just don't get it lol.

John Legendmancer said...

Well, a -50% & -55% Tower shield will help i guess?