Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spell of the Week--Helephant!

Q: What do Kingsisle Employees give each other for Christmas?

A: White Helephant gifts!


Ahhh, the Helephant card. I remember the first time I saw it cast. I was a lowly necromancer running around in Marleybone when a fire wizard who was higher level than me accidentally got sucked into battle. (The sidewalks in Marleybone used to be a lot trickier than they are now.) He pulled out the Helephant card, and I was definitely wow'd.

It's a six pip Fire School spell that most Wizards obtain at 42nd level. There are treasure card versions around, but it's hard to obtain. You can also cast this when in the Draconian Polymorph (as one of my readers used).

I asked the readers of The Friendly Necromancer to supply me with a screenshot of them casting a Helephant up, and got some awesome responses. Check 'em out below!



He adds: "You must like Fire spells, that's 3/4 Spells of the Week that're Fire! Between heartburn, and back pain, this Helephant seems to be having some real trouble."

Almost true! The Mander Blast was technically a balance spell, but you're right heheh. I do like the look of the fire-y spells.




Ebony Titanfist:

Ebony adds: "I was battling The elf prince since my friend lended meh this helephant treasure! I wish ya like it!"

Thanks! I do! And thanks to your friend too. :)


Austin Swifthorn:


Alexander Fireblade:



Ben adds, "I don't even have a fire wizard yet, and I don't have a secondary school of fire, AND those treasures are pretty hard to find! But I managed to snipe a couple from the bazaar! I wanted to try some with captions, and some with just the spell itself to capture the excitement and such, y'know what I mean?"

I know what you mean! :) Thanks!

Nathan Goldenshield:

Nathan adds, "I really hope you like it and again Happy holidays :D !!!!!!!!"

Thanks, Nathan! I do and back atcha!

Alric Dragoneyes:


Savannah Blueriver:





Flash says, "I have my helephant pet on as well as the blacktusk transformation on"

OH yeah! I see that . . . nice, it's a helephant spell while wearing a helephant pet in elephant tranformation casting on a helephant. That's freaking awesome! LOL!

Ryan Lifegarden:

Ryan adds, "Here you go! Since I didn't have the original spell, I just polymorphed into a Draconian and used it. Looks like the polymorphs I trained are starting to come in handy! How's the Legendary Artisan quest going? When I realized that I needed the reagents for 4 conga drums, it wasn't very fun, as I had only gotten the required amount for 2 drums. Which meant that I had to fight over 32 more fossils and 8 more pieces of aether. All in all though, it wasn't too bad because I started out with around 109,000 gold from selling all that Zafaria gear"

Awesome! I'm very close to finishing that legendary Artisan quest, but like you . . . I'm stuck on fossil collecting. I'll have them soon enough though. :) thanks for the entry!


Fallon Ravenshade:


Talon Nightshade:


Tara Darkgem:

Tara Adds, "Heya Friendalee! I got the picture of me casting the Helephant! (I almost died in that battle cause I had to discard here and there to find the spell, as you can tell by how much health I had left in the picture haha) So here you go :p. Also I just wanted to ask you one thing, is (with dots between) and (without the dots between) the same emails? This might seem like a dumb question but i'm just double checking O:"

EEK! YOU DIED FOR THE CAUSE OF THE HELEPHANT! :) You know, good question about the e-mail. I seem to be receiving both, so I guess the periods don't matter. /shrug


Jason Thunder:


Amber Fairyheart:


John Thorn:

Hmmm, why *would* you use my storm trap? hmmm? ;p

Michael Spiritblossom:


Joe Thunderhammer:


Paige Daisypetal:


Thanks everyone for the great Helephant pictures! love them!

Happy dueling!


Honorary Detective said...

Awesome pictures!! I especially like Austin Swifthorn's entry, very similar to mine, except the helephant's doing a full swing with his sword, epic!

Thanks again for hosting this! Merry Christmas! :)

Swordroll said...

These were all great, but I laughed at the "why would you use my Storm trap?" :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, awesome photos <3

I met Bailey Skystaff in the Pet Pavilion today!!!!
She added me ;D

I really like when you post because I am a really really poor family and I still get to get connected without a sub :D I hope I get one for X-mas (and I hope I get a moose :D)

Bye guys thanks for the post its so cool and I love Swordroll's :D

-Edward Night and Thomas Night

Tara Darkgem said...

Whoo! I liked this spell of the week post more than any others, because helephant is well just plain AWESOME!

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

I like them all but Ben's was my favorite because it is the coolest Helephant shot I have ever seen :D


P.S. Happy Holidays from your good friend The Transcended Thaumaturge :)

P.S.S. Send my regards to Bailey, Kyle, and Amber oh and can't forget baby Wizardly ;)