Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Check this out! (Episode 10)


I've had a few things come across my inbox that I'd like to share/address with you all. You know, stuff I think you should check out! (If you haven't already. :)) So, that means it's time for another CHECK . . . THIS . . . OUT!


First up, it's a contest going on over on mywizard101site in conjunction with their podcast Spiral Live. Basically all you have to do is send them some fan art. Although it says, "send in your picture by this Friday December 9th." They are still looking for a couple of entries for that contest, which actually features a crown prize from me (among a few other prizes).

Word has it that they will be closing the contest this coming Friday (16 December), so if you want a chance at 1,000 crowns, send those "Spiral Live" related fan art pictures in to

Best of luck Spiral Live! It's tough starting up a new podcast, so I hope you do well and get a few more entries.


Ravenwood Radio 54 last week was a lot of fun. That episode has not yet been posted to their Itunes page, but keep an eye out there. Ravenwood Radio 54 also signals the MIGHTY RETURN of a Friendly Necromancer segment, and judging from the reactions in the chat room, it looked like it went over well.

I thought I'd go ahead and put my segment up on my google docs page for you all to download since there were a few people that asked for that. CHECK IT OUT!

Hope you enjoy my interview with a few of my pets, and thanks again Sierra Starsong for sending me in a segment idea. Feel free to e-mail segment ideas to


Next up is some awesome fan art I received from Esmee Nighteyes. Check this out!

Wow! Nicely done. She calls it my "congratulations for being in a Wizard101 commercial" gift! That's awesome.

Esmee also noted that as she was going through the Wizard101 Fan Art she noticed that a few of them were "retraces" or "recolors" of the Bleach and Ouran High School Host Club manga. And she asked if I considered that "fan art" or if that was in bad taste.

You know, I'm not 100 percent sure if that is or isn't fan art, and really isn't a question for me, but I'm sure Professor Greyrose would be interested in hearing about any particular issues of that nature. Probably the best course of action would be to send her an e-mail and point out the offending pictures that might be someone else's work.

I'm trying to think like if someone drew a more well known western character from Disney, but put them in a Wizard City outfit and environment, would they accept that? It's hard to tell.

Again, not my call, but THANKS FOR THIS FAN ART! I love it! I'll have to put it on my header for a week or two or something. It's pure awesome.


Hunter Moonbreath sent me this e-mail:
"Hey friendly! You are epic. I was wondering. How do you beat enemies that are really hard? I have mannaged to make it through with some friends. So how do i do this by myself? Its hard when my friends arnt on. Also what do you do when your a fire wizard like me. I am also playing as my Death any suggestions? Hope i meet you in the Spiral! ~ Hunter MoonBreath"

Hey Hunter! NO YOU'RE EPIC! I once gave some suggestions for soloing towers in Dragonspyre as a fire wizard, perhaps that advice will help? Check that out!

In the end, it's all about deck construction and knowing what kind of spells your enemies are going to throw at you. Sometimes checking out the wiki on those really hard bosses will help give you a leg up on what to expect.

Best of luck!


Next up is an e-mail from an anonymous wizard:
"I am writing this email for two reasons; one from your site i have seen you have amazing pets, and two you seem like the guy to ask when it comes to anything wizard101. My problem is that i have just begun to care about my pets and i am trying to raise them to have good talents, but so far i keep getting useless talents. I had a few questions that i was hoping you could answer. First does the value of the snack, i.e the number on the snack image, matter? I got a mega snack pack once and got epic talents to appear but after i ran out my pet started to get common talents, i assume there related but figured i would ask. Second does the school of the snack matter? I know that if they like/love the snack they will get more power but can i feed them a different school snack than there own school without affecting their talent outcome. And lastly to increase my pets pedigree do i have to keep hatching the same pet multiple time because i have tried to get a stronger pet from hatching but whenever i mix two pets the new pet gets a lower or average pedigree. Well thanks for your time sorry for the long email. And happy holidays."

Thanks for writing! No the value of the snack or megasnack has nothing to do with making epic talents manifest. Any appearances of that happening are simply . . . VOODOO! RUN!

Your pet's talents are determined upon creation. All snacks do is help unlock those talents faster. This is the reason why some people hit the test realm so hard when it comes out . . . they're trying to find out what talents their baby pets have so they don't have to waste their time in the real realm working up those pets with "real" money if their talents are garbage traits they don't want. Yup, it's a little sneaky.

Also, the class of the pet snack will not cause a certain talent to manifest. As was stated before, all snacks do is help unlock those talents faster. It makes no difference if you feed a death pet a life snack. Whatever talents were marked to manifest at birth, are the talents that will manifest.

The best way to raise a pet's pedigree is to mix it with a pet that has a higher pedigree and so on and so forth until you create a monster with all epic talents. It's a very time intensive endeavor. Pedigree is nice, but what you're really after are a few key traits.

Make sure you check out Petnome. There's a wealth of information over there.


Luke Goldflame asks:
"In the Haunted Cave right near the bosses tower (I am blanking on his name) and it has a death school logo on it. It isn't open but I don't know what it is. Do you?"

Ahhh, this question has already been answered by Professor Diapermancer. Check it out.

(it doesn't lead anywhere . . . yet)


It's hard to miss (it is on the patcher after all), but I really want to catalog this one here. it's just that good. It's the behind the scenes look at the making of Zafaria.

LOL. I think my favorite part of this video is when J. Todd Coleman says, "It's the turn of the beak and it's the feet. This is so much better than Zafaria."

I think I could rewind that part over and over.


A co-worker of mine sent me off to check out this site: Draw a stickman. That's a fun time waster! I like the message at the end though.

Ahh! It's stickman Thomas Lionblood!


I'm Tom - "gamer dad" LOL!

I saw the commercial on TVLand last night and freaked out. We were watching Bonanza all night last night because of that. My real-life boss called me at 9:00 pm last night all excited because she had seen me on TV while watching the Investigative Discovery channel.

Word from Fred Howard is that the new commercial is airing on the following channels:
- Chiller
- CLOO (formerly Sleuth)
- Game Show Network
- Investigation Discovery
- Lifetime Movie Network
- TV Land


And that's all I have for today's Check this out! Thanks for all the e-mails and inspiration!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

I have competition now... D:

Tara Darkgem said...

Lol i love your stickman friendly!! hehe you shoulda seen mine, it had a lopsided head and was missing half a leg I:

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks for the post Tom! It actually doesn't end till Friday so if you could please change that, that would be great :) More entries possible ;)

Thanks again and I can't wait to see the commercial :D