Friday, December 16, 2011

Friendly vs. Super Hero Squad Online's Paywall II

On my previous post about SHSO I was corrected by Alric Griffintamer when I didn't realize that max heroes added a couple extra points to your Squad level nor did I realize that each hero has a Marvel rating that adds a little to your squad level naturally either.

My math was off.

Because of Alric's response though, I felt ok about leveling my squad up to max. And I did! And it wasn't too bad! And it was fun! But as I got closer to the goal, I started to realize that I still wouldn't make the required 110 Squad level with my squad. I would still be one level off.

So, here I am a little later and my squad level is 109 with all max level squad members, just one point out of reach from my 110 squad level goal. It's pretty awesome though, as you level to max you unlock power emotes, and that third tier of power emotes is pretty awesome. Especially Stealth Armor Iron Man. DANG I LOVE THAT.

Here . . . here's a little video of my squad's power emotes so you can see 'em.


The real problem here is that I let my 2-year-old play on my account for a while and he spent all my gold in my early days of SHSO on random stuff for my housing. LOL. I learned my lesson and made Diapermancer his own account to play on. What little gold I've been earning, has been finally building up.

So, now I'm just in the process of building gold so I can purchase one of four superheroes. At 350 gold I have the options of purchasing Nova, The Scarlet Witch, Mr. Fantastic, or Valkyrie. I'm thinking of purchasing The Scarlet Witch just because I hardly ever see anyone running around with that character.

I figure I just have to log in and spin the gift wheel at most 7 days in a row. If I'm lucky with the gift wheel, it could be less. Remembering to hop on SHSO and spin the prize wheel daily shouldn't be too bad of a time commitment. The amount of real money I've paid on this game is still $0.00 to this point. Eventually though the the temptation to pay up will become harder and harder to resist when the goal of raising my squad level to 200 appears. Even worse, the ultimate and final quest (so far) is to raise my squad level to 300. *gulp*

I really don't think reaching a 300 squad level would be too hard to do with just a one month subscription. Without paying though? That could take a really long time to do.

If I did decide to go with a one-month subscription, the worst case scenario is that I could maybe end up with a bunch of "Agent-only", silver-purchased unplayable heroes once my subscription expired (if that's how that works). I'm not sure though. The best case scenario is that you get a ton of awesome heroes added to your squad for the small price of $10. Once I hit the next wall, I'll have to decide if that's the way to go or not.

Happy dueling!


Alric Griffintamer said...

Greetings again. ^-^ I would get a little sub, and only level agents only heroes. I have had sub for about 4 months (been playing for six) and so far my squad level is in the 400s. (I don't even play a huge amount, I've kinda gotten tired of spinning the wheel. It can take a lot more tickets than it should sometimes.) I have all agents only heroes maxed except for Shadowcat (who just came out.) And they add a good 100 to my squad level. My favorite hero so far is Deadpool, because of his emotes. Combat wise, my favorite is Captain America though.

Alric Griffintamer said...

Another thing I forgot, getting the wheel completely empty for one month of membership will get you around 5,500 gold.