Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spell of the Week -- Evil Snowman

Brrrr. Did the temperature just drop in here?

WHAT THE HECK!? J Todd just cast an original hand-drawn EVIL SNOWMAN on me!!!

That's right! It's one of the original spells of the game. Evil Snowman can be yours for only four ranks down the Ice Spell line from good ol' Lydia Greyrose (or you could score it as a treasure card or as an item card too . . . it's everywhere in Wizard101!)

And because it's so available, the fine readers of The Friendly Necromancer have made a valiant showing today, demonstrating how they throw out the Evil Snowman spell. check 'em out!

Alex Soulslinger:

Ronan DrakeBlade:

Alexander Fire Blade:

Tara Darkgem:


Elijah Lightthief:

Duncan Daystone:

Destiny Soultamer:


Those are awesome! Love the sayings you guys are coming up with, and because you're all so awesome, I have a wonderful surprise for all the participants today. 1,000 crowns each! Check your inboxes folks! Call it, Friendly's-gone-crazy-because-his-hit-counter-rolled-over-1,500,000-hits or something . . . and KingsIsle is backing his craziness up! :p

Thanks for playing along my friends and readers!

Happy Dueling!


Arlen DragonSmith said...

Hey Friendly,
I would love to enter your contest next week, but I can't find out how to take screenshots. If you could tell me that would be great. Cya

Duncan Daystone said...

Awesome! Thanks Friendly and KI! :)

Tara Darkgem said...

TYYY for da crowns friendalee! :)

Swordroll said...

@Arlen Dragonsmith, you can take screenshots by pressing the "Prt Sc" button. Your game window on Wizard101 will tell you where they are saved. Most of the time it'll be under Documents and Wizard101.

Good to see so many Evil Snowmen... there's a shortage since the Woolly Mammoth spell was released. :)

Anonymous said...

I must of missed this one.. :( Would of loved to partipate.