Sunday, December 18, 2011

Level 20 Soccer Star Wootah!

Just this morning, a long-time-in-the-making Golden Seal for the Soccer Star profession in Free Realms flashed across my screen. WOOTAH!

I took a long time off from leveling my Soccer Star profession, and a long time off of Free Realms in general. The last time I talked about Free Realms was, what . . . 10 months ago? but I'm happy to say this is my sixth maxed job in Free Realms now.

Finally! The repetitive nature of grinding soccer games in Free Realms kind of got to me. Once you hit 15th level or so in Soccer Star, the quests really dry up and the coach just wants you to grind soccer games up to 19th level. That kind of killed it for me for a number of months, but the past few days I got the feeling that I wanted to play some more free realms again, so I logged on and went for it.

I was destroying the competition.

17-0. That's destruction, yo. Not Top Ten ranking type of destruction, but destruction none the less. Towards the end of my grinding I figured out that I was just putting too much effort into the matches. Each score you make in the game stops the clock and takes an extra 10 seconds or so to reset. Constantly scoring results in a better cash payout from the match, but it really slows down the game.

I decided to get a good lead like 3-0 and then simply run the ball around the field in circles while the clock ran down. Boring, but effective.

Next I started scoring about six goals in the first half, and then just tabbing out of the game the last half and letting the game finish itself without me while I did other stuff. The computer has the worst time playing itself I swear.

Eventually I got to 19th level and battled the Cheetahs in the championship match. This was not a bad game, actually. The computer's players had a good handle on the ball and if they got the ball to the goal, they'd pretty much score. Again, they were no match for the awesome rainbow kicks of Thomas Lionbolt. Think the final score was 7-4 or something like that.

The final quest for the Soccer Star profession has you /taunt-ing the Robgoblins who had been causing so much strife to your soccer team. What's soccer without a little taunting? eh?

I liked the parting words good ol' coach had for me.

Life. It truly is a bitter sweet symphony. If you can grind out the soccer star profession, then you can grind out any job the real world puts in front of you. It just may take 10 months, getting fired, and rehired to do it.

I think I'll tackle the medic profession next. It's been a while since doing a combat mini-game in Free Realms. The quest line looks nice and long. That should help! I read there was a new card game in Free Realms as well, so I may try that one out too.

Happy dueling!


flash333 said...

Congrats. I've been thinking of trying out free realms for a while but haven't got around to it. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

why didn't you accept my chad skysaga's friend request? D:

Stingite said...

@flash: It's not bad. Free-to-play is limited, but it's enough to let you get in the game and try out a profession or two. There's a couple cool hangouts where peeps just go to chat (the beach being one of those). It's pretty open-ended and casual. It's just kind of a nice virtual space. I bought my life-time membership for $35 on sale. It's been nice and really opened up the game.

@anon: !! Was that in Free Realms today? Next time I log on, I'll check.

MineBloggers said...

Hey Friendly! Two things.
1. I started a wizard101 blog (with other things as well) around a year ago, and I was just wondering if you had any advice to get it popular.
2. You should check out MineCraft!
-Richard S.
P.S. If its not too much can you check out my blog some time? Thanks!

Diary of a Necromancer said...

And if i posted my comment above on the wrong account here's the link:

Destiny Soultamer said...

Ha, interesting that there was a Card Duelist profession in Free Realms.

Anonymous said...

hehe XD zafaria stuff does look weird...especially those bug masks >.> lol. Yayy for stitching. :D