Friday, December 23, 2011

Woot Legendary Artisan! (hmmm, what to do about gear . . .)

Crafting is so much easier these days now that you can swap reagents through the shared bank, isn't it? Well, it is for me. I had been a little stalled on crafting my final conga drum to finish off my final Spiritcaller drum for about a week. To make matters worse, it always seemed like my "secret" spots for farming stone block reagents weren't so secret after all. Every time I logged in to farm, someone else had beat me to the punch.

I started to resort to hitting the entrance way to Malistaire's over and over until I realized . . . hey wait a second . . . I probably have gobs of reagents in Myrna's pack! I logged on Myrna, did a little transfer transfer action, and BOOM, Spiritcaller Drums crafted. (Now if we only had a shared bank space between our entire family of accounts. That would be amazing!)

Check it out, here's Thomas sporting his new badge, riding on his Chrismoose LOL.

The first thing I did with that new badge was craft myself a level 66 death robe. It's wayyyy better than what I was wearing, but we won't get into that. hehe. (I never did get my waterworks robe)

The only problem is, of course, I'm looking a little wanky now.

I haven't looked much into the other level 66 and level 68 gear, but I need to. From what I understand, many people consider the Waterworks gear slightly better than the level 66 and 68 gear, but I'd like to understand it better myself. I long for the days when Ironhawk was making his illustrated guides over on Central. He did such a great job on those (and they were completed FAST too).

What do you all think about the level 66 and 68 gear? KingsIsle once told me that the crafted level 66 gear rated just slightly higher than Waterworks gear, but I'm still not sure. I'd love to hear your input.

Happy dueling!


Matthew LifeFlame said...

I personally love the crafted gear!
On my necromancer I have the crafted Zafaria robe and ice/death boots and the crafted Wintertusk Hat. The defense boosts of the Zafaria gear is the same or has an extremely small difference. The offensive boosts are slightly smaller and the critical is slightly higher. What really shines is the critical block. The boots provide a universal boost that is amazing! You do have to give up the small healing boost of the waterworks gear but it really pales in comparison to everything else. I haven't done WW, which is why I use the Wintertusk hat, although I think that I'd keep the WT hat because of the extra blade it provides. Hope that's helpful :)

Rokk said...

I also love crafted gear and crafting itself. I got that badge also so I could get good myth/balance boots.

Anonymous said...

I like the Waterworks gear if you have it. If you dont have it and still need to get it, use crafted gear.


-Edward Night

Anonymous said...

I like the Waterworks Gear because it has the universal school block and defense. While the crafted leans towards certain schools. The crafted gear may be good if your going against those schools, but for PvP, Waterworks gear is the way to go. Btw, congratz on making it to legendary artisan, I am a couple of reagents away from getting the abdge myself. Goodluck farming for that Waterworks Robe!

Anonymous said...

I've been disappointed about the craftable gear in Zafaria, I admit. The dual-class gear is slightly worse than the dual-class gear from Celestia, and the single-class gear can't hold a candle to the Waterworks robes (or, heck, just the gear from the Trial of Stars).

Jose Seashield said...

I love crafting as well, but didn't find the Zafaria crafted gear particularly good. I prefer most of the waterworks gear over them. The only thing I think is really worth it are the athames. They are slightly better, in my opinion, than the Lexicon blade, so those I have crafted. I even prefer the CL crafted gear over many of the zafarian dual school gear. Hopefully, they'll give us some great craftable gear with the next world.

taliesinharps said...

Hey Friendly, I have a full set of legendary gear (WW and TotH) and for my money thats what i use unless im going up against fire or storm. Thats when the 66 Ice crafted set shines. but generally speaking i think even the 58 CL gear is better than the 68 ZF gear ( look up the Celsestian Snow set and the Outsider set for comparison)