Friday, December 16, 2011

Bailey, Thomas, Kyle, and Iridian finish Zafaria

I was actually going to bring this up on the last Check This Out post, but I forgot to mention it. WHOOPS!

Yup, mark four transcended wizards down for Team Friendly as we finished up Zafaria last Sunday.

There we all are sitting in front of the weird box thingy at the end of Zafaria. Wierd box thingy is awesome.

It took us a while to make our way through the world, simply because Bailey and I wanted to experience Zafaria together. Coordinating our schedules while juggling the three kids and their needs and own wishes to play on the computer can be a tricky thing, but we were lucky enough to get some nice stretches of game time over a few weekends, and the rest is history.

Here's the obligatory Morganthe screenshot. :)

Here's the other obligatory screenshot of team friendly in elephant illusion. :) :)

There were a lot of great moments in Zafaria (like visiting the zoo), but more than that, it was fun chatting with our friends lists while playing through Zafaria and spending some time playing together. That was fun, and thank you all for making it an easy ride for us with all the support.

Next up for us would probably be taking another team through . . . I'll let you know when we plan it all out. It'd be great to play my ice wizard again, and I think Bailey has a Myth wizard burning in her pocket. The lure of the basilisk is strong. :)

In the meantime, Thomas is busy crafting his Spiritcaller Drums. Just one more Conga Drum and a few black pearls, and I'm ready to finish that crafting quest up!

Happy Dueling


Destiny Soultamer said...

Though this post makes me think "Already!?" (Being a slow quester), I really enjoyed that the community shares the same love of questing alongside one another. It's simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lol "Olbigatory Screenshot" Yeah, I know that feeling :)

Tara Darkgem said...

Gratz guyz! :) I am on my way to finishing Zafaria, but all of you finished except Amber, is she almost done? ;]

Blaze Stormthief said...

Hey, Friendly,

I thought Kyle and Thomas were on the same account. How'd you get them on simaeltaneously?

Blaze Stormthief

Stingite said...

Nah, Kyle is on a different account. :)

Thanks everyone!