Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Level 32 to high for Marleybone? And What Happened to your Fan Fiction?

Questions from Talon Nightshade (who is apparently Lord Nightshade's brother ;)
Dear friendly,

I know you don't have that much experience in the pyromancy department , but should a level 32 pyromancer be in mooshu? I'm stuck in the ironworks!!
Secondly, I was reading some of your older posts and started reading some of your fan fiction. It said that they were going to be 5 more installments but I haven't seen that in any new posts. Those were really awesome, by the way, and I just want to see if you're still making them.


Thanks a lot ,

Dear Brother to Nightshade,

I think that you're doing great where you are. You're probably level 32 because you've been doing a lot of side quests, but honestly, the low 30's are all about Marleybone and not Mooshu. If you skip too many of those side quests you'll end up asking me if level 39 is too low for Dragonspyre. ;-)

Ironworks can be a little intimidating, but I have faith in ya. :) Use a Hand of Doom pack to call out your brother, Lord Nightshade, to come help you out. hehe. Just be sure you don't forget to get your stray cat before leaving so you don't have to do the whole thing over again.


. . . oh yeah, my fan fiction. Yeah, I haven't thought about finishing it lately. It's just kind of one of those things that keeps getting slipped to the bottom of the pile that I never get to the bottom of.

According to my notes I never fully fleshed out Chapter five since I have a section called chapter 5.5 that I snuck in between my notes about chapter six and chapter five.

Hmmm. What to do . . .

Thanks for bringing it up! I may have to pull that out from the bottom of the stack here one of these days just to finish it up. :)

Happy Dueling!


Caroline Dawnrunner said...

That's not true. My friend's brother created a character that never this a single side quest, not even saving Private O Ryan, and he made it to DS the same time he got his level 38 Ice quest


Thank You Friendly for posting it!!

You know, i never thought about using a hand of doom pack. I sometimes use my fire minion, Maybe the Nightshade brothers will be reunited!

And Caroline, WOW. I thought during the first ten levels you actually need to do the side quests. Though when I get to DS,, i want to atleast get my leve; 42 spell first.


Ashley Spiritweaver said...

friendly when are you gonna have another raffle its been a while since you last had one :P :P :P

Patrick said...

I was a level 30 in Mooshu and a lvl 39 in Dragonspyre.

Sierra Winterbreeze said...

*gasp* You wrote a fan fiction? I LOVE fan fictions. I'll have to read yours. ;)

Suri Blueflower said...

Lol...I was lvl 50 when I was in I"m almost lvl 52 and in the second place in ms...

Stingite said...

@Caroline: nice!

@Talon: thanks for the question!

@Ashley: I know right? I should do that for sure.

@Patrick: Nice!

@Sierra: would love to hear what you think!

@Suri: haha! awesome! Are you a crowns player?

Anonymous said...

not fan fiction i am worried about, what happened to your ... of the day? pet of the day? furniture of the day? they are all gone!!!!!