Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beckett's (#30) Came in the Mail WOOT!

And now the traditional mag shot . . . except without me in the shot . . . I'm still sick and really not feeling up to showing my face today.

The Celestia's Chiefs of Cheatin' was a fun article to write, and getting screenshots of all the badguys at just the right moment was an interesting challenge. Procyon was a particularly awesome screenshot. It was right at the moment he was casting a minotaur spell, right before the minotaur appears. All my other screenshots of him were cutting off the top of his head for some reason.

I also loved going back through the history of cheating bosses at the beginning of the article as well. Remembering how it all unfolded was definately a trip down memory lane.

I hope you guys like the article. :)

The free in-game item you get from the magazine this time is . . . not my favorite, but getting free cosmetic clothing is better than nothing. ;-) Maybe I'll throw the no-stat Celestia robes on Angus and give him a new look. hehe. (I wish I had a say in what you guys would get for a free game item, but unfortunately I'm just the writer.)

. . .

As it turns out, I never took a shot of the previous article from issue #29 either . . . so here you go:

When I was writing the Gardening article, it was completely embargoed information. I was probably the first person outside of KingsIsle to know about gardening coming to the spiral. Of course, when you're writing an article that's two to three months out from hitting the shelves, it's really hard to "scoop" something. By the time the magazine hit the shelves, gardening had been out for a few weeks and was even on the test realm.

It's a little hard to write articles like these blind . . . I mean, when I was writing about Gardening I hadn't even seen screenshots of the plants let alone played it, but thankfully the people at KingsIsle are totally awesome with answering my questions and clearing up my misconceptions. Articles like those that are cutting edge definitely require a lot of trust and communication.

We worked it out, and I think the article did a pretty bang up job of explaining how gardening works if you ask me.

Again, the free in-game item was kind of a /boggle with issue #29, and again . . . wasn't my favorite. /shrug

Either way, it's been great adding another couple of articles under my belt. I haven't yet begun to write the next article, but I imagine in about a week, life will become very busy for me. :)

Happy Dueling!


Tara Darkgem said...

haha whats with the giant pickle?

Rachel Windtalon said...

OMG my mom is sick TOO!!! Yet she still goes to work.Quick question: HOW CAN I GET THE BECKETT MAGAZINE THINGY IN MY MAILBOX???

~ Rachel Windtalon

Stingite said...

@tara: It's fickle! :p

@Rachel: awww, hope she feels better. I have to go back to work tomorrow, even with my man cold.

To get a subscription to Beckett's Massive Online Gamer or Fun Online Games, you just need to go to their website and sign up! http://www.beckettmedia.com/ Or find a magazine at a Barnes and Noble and mail in the subscription insert.

Jason said...

Hi Rachel,

Friendly's right, you can subscribe either on the site or with a magazine. However, if you go to the store now, you'll see issue #29 (with a WoW cover and the gardening article inside). In a few weeks, issue #30 will be in stores (with a Batman cover and the bosses article inside). I might suggest picking up one (or both) or those, sending in for your sub, and then you should pick up with issue #31.

Friendly's Biggest Fan said...

Tom would you mind posting a Pic of the item from issue 30