Sunday, March 6, 2011

Did Black Pearl Replace Golden Pearl?

Question from Rachel:
Hey Friendly, my name is Rachel IceHeart and I have a question about pearls in the Grotto. I was farming for reagents after the update when I came across a black pearl hiding among some normal white pearls. I was wondering if they are replacing golden pearls, or if they're just another rare thing to find with pearls. Thanks!

Heya Rachel,

No, you've probably already realized this since it's almost been a week since you've asked this question, but black pearl hasn't replaced golden pearls as the rare drop from pearl nodes in Celestia.

Now when you harvest a pearl in Celestia, you have a chance to get all three types of pearls: white, black, and golden!

Same thing happened to Uber Wife back on February 6th (according to the date on the screenshot). She was out goofing off on the test realm and noticed that black pearl harvested from a pearl node.

She's all whoa! And she's all NO WAI! And she's all I wonder if Golden Pearl has been replaced with Black Pearl?!?!

So uber wife went farming, and farmed and farmed and farmed until . . .



Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

I got golden pearl, pearl, and black pearl all at once the first time I got a pearl on the new patch.

Devin Rubysmith said...

I once got 1 black pearl, 2 regular pearls, and 1 golden pearl from one harvest.


I mostly get all of my black pearls( not that i need them, lol)From my pink dandy farm. They give either dandy seeds, black pearls, or ancient scrolls every time. Still the rock, like you freindly!

The friendly necromancer Rocks!!