Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Screenshots 30 March 2011

I just quickly looked through the screenshots that Bailey had took yesterday, and I found a couple of cool ones.

One was a 108 maze game score she had done.

Nice . . . I think my highest is somewhere in the high 90's. she's aMAZEing!

The other was where she saw Kiera Ravenheart and put Kyle's starlight pony and her moonlight pony side-by-side!

So, now where is the Sunlight pony, right?

Happy dueling!


nestorredcookie said...

is that starlight pony a rental?

AutumnalDusk said...

Bailey is Top Chef in the "Awesome Sauce" category. Breaking 100 is no easy feat.

Mmmm...Moonlight Pony...

Evan LionTamer said...

i want a sunlight pony!

flash333 said...

It's hard for me to imagine what a sunlight pony would look like (probably a chestnut pony with a yellow sun design on the front or side).
It would also be nice if KI would make some special mounts for the broom and dragon classes and maybe even the wings class instead of only focusing on the lion and horse classes.

Travis emeraldspear said...

Yo Friendly, I'm just wondering if you'd like to hatch with me and your Magma collosus. I need the pet for my collection and it is hard going to get it from diego.
I got a rain beetle, storm hound, tempest hound and more.

Tara Darkgem said...


so do i!

Garrett HawkFlame said...

Bailey is pretty awesome at that game. I would also like to see a sun light pony too.

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

woah i didnt even know there were a 108 snacks in the whole pet maze place!

Anonymous said...

is that the arena pet or the hatched pet in the maze pic?

Anonymous said...

Ye wish just came tue friendly, Sunlight pony is REAL, and theres PROOF on this weeks episode of Reavenwood raido, their giving them out too, so it looks like we have ourselfs astral pony mounts

Stingite said...

@nestorredcookie: That particular one is not. It was a gift from KI for Kyle for my assistance with the community.

@AutumnalDusk: One of these days I'll break that score!

@Evan: IKR?!

@flash333: Apparently they put up a picture of one on Ravenwood Radio last night for their give away (thanks @Elizabeth!)

@Travis: That's Bailey's pet, are you friends with her in game?

@Tara: me three!

@Garret: ditto

@Ashley: You have to gobble some ghosts to get that score I think. :)

@anon: I don't know . . . I'll have to have uber wife respond to that question.

@Elizabeth: thanks for the heads up! You rock!

Vikki said...

My best in the maze is 103. Now, I just get 70 and wait because you don't get any more points for anything over that. Lazy mazer, that's me.

blazedragonblood said...

my best score for maze game is 112