Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pet Egg -- Pet of the Day

I've been getting pictures of the Pet Egg from you guys, and thought we better make this thing the Pet of the Day!

Seth Hunter had an egg pet sighting back on 19 March, and sent over a few pictures. Check 'em out:

Then Nathanial Hexbringer was kind enough to send along a shot of the pedigree on 20 March:

Uber Wife ran into Paige Moonshade the other day and snapped a screenshot of her egg:

And then Blaze Shadowblood had a couple to share yesterday evening:

So as the picture says above, if you have access to a Colossus and a regular old Wizard City dragon (I've also heard that a Helephant and Dragon work and I've seen different pedigrees for the eggs as well on this thread) and want to have a cool break dancing egg, then make it happen! It's today's PET OF THE DAY! WOOT!

Next up . . . we need to put those rumors of the imp and wraith mix to bed. If you have a pet cow, send me your pictures. :) Before you undertake this rumor control, just know that people have tried this hatch multiple times and got nothing from it. I just want to see that it really exists. If you see the rare cow pet in game or have one of your own, snap a picture and send it to me.

Hopefully it won't be as horribly mutated as this cow specimen:

Does that even look like a cow anymore? Or is it just some horribly over-cute dog/cat/pig thing? *shivers at the cow mutant*

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Aww, I want an egg so badly!

I've tried hatching three times,
dragon + colossus
dragon + colossus
and dragon + egg

But I've gotten another dragon each time.

The Strong Sorcerer said...

my friend has collossus so I might be able to get this. By the way thanks for the info

Anonymous said...



BTW, you are the awesomest w101 blogger!

Tara Darkgem said...

O: i saw jasmine iceflame with the exact same pet at the hatchery! i

Tyler said...

I've seen Jasmine two times in three days. She also has a Danger Hound.

- Valdus DuneThorn


Hmm, interesting, this pet is so AWESOME!! I need the tower shield card. Plus its cute. Did you see on the doaw homepage what kingsisle has to say about it? So the egg pet would have been a Easter pet or something. I really want to know what other pets are there.......


Anonymous said...

Hey friendly, have you noticed the countdown clock in the loading screen? What do you think it is? Maybe pets?

Ethan Shadowmask said...


Caitlin DaisyGlade said...

that cow thing would be epic but its a 50% chance of it be fake and 50% chance of it being a really hard pet to get