Monday, March 28, 2011

Clarification Needed

. . . on that last post a bit. I've been reading all your comments, and I truly appreciate all of the warmth and friendship from everyone!

I don't have a lot of time to go into things this morning, but I just want you all to know that I'm reading and listening.

I didn't really know that my last couple of paragraphs would turn into a spring board of support messages. I appreciate that, and it does speak to the caliber of the Wizard101 Community. Thank you! I appreciate it. I'll try not to be too flippant when throwing around phrases like "wizard101 doesn't need me either" just to drive a point home. I'm sorry about that. :) But I do appreciate the support.

Also, everyone has challenges in life. I'm not exempt and neither are you. Many of you have helped me remember that fact. I'm sure if you think about it, your lives are all touched by some sort of tragedy or disability. But, I wouldn't really call Kyle's Autism tragic. Well, at first it was, but over the years I've learned that my son's high-functioning autism makes him awesome and unique. He's incredibly funny and, yes, challenging as well. There have been a couple of heartbreaking moments, but please don't look on his state in life as sad. He's wonderful, and his situation has taught all of his family more than we bargained for. It could have been much worse, and for those caring for a deeply autistic child, my heart and love goes out to you.

Kyle is like the rock star of the special needs class. For the most part he's integrated with the regular classroom environment, and he drops by the special needs class for a few minutes each day. When he does, he's treated with cheers from the other kids, who seem to look up to him and appreciate his friendship. He likes to read to 'em and they dig that. I worry about how things will be as he grows older, but we'll cross that bridge when it gets here.

Anyway, Autism is a hot topic button and one that's a little controversial at times. I'm not really here to talk Autism awareness though (although definitely a valiant cause), I'm here to talk video games, which just happens to be something that Kyle Skystaff loves. :)

Thanks again, and . . . hey . . . go have some fun in Wizard101 for me, would ya? I'm off to work. :) Regular posting should resume soon.

Happy Dueling!


Alexander Battleflame said...

Hey friendly what do you think the time thing on w101 is? AB

Wiz101 Pet Master said...

my best and heartfelt wise go out to both him and your wonderful family.

And as you said time to go play some wiz101 (I will be thinking of you working the whole time am playing :P)

See you in the Spiral Lionblood Family :)

Kieran Stormcaller said...

Hi Friendly,
We just watched Rain Man at school and I agree that Autism is not necissarily a bad thing. Autism is perfectly natural, there is nothing "bad" on earth people just think of things badly. Autism is perfectly fine, rare but okay. Its not like people with Autism are freaks or anyhting they are just different, in a good way.
Also with the pet egg and nightmare. Do you think there is a 48 pet- bought pet hybrid for every 48 pet?
PS could you post this on your blog?

"The people in Japan need your help. Send your thoughtful and encouraging email to:
The emails will be taken to someone in Japan, translated into Japanese, given to the Red Cross, then handed out to the children in Japan."

This is not a joke 100% true.

witchwarrior said...

A friend of mine in Youth Group is also autistic. I know how you feel.
Good Luck wishes to you and Kyle. :)


Morgan BearGiver said...

I was wondering what Alexander BattleFlames asked, i wonder what it will be. Are you excited for it? I am!


Rogue Sorcerer said...

That last post about WoW and wizard101 was great. Kyle does has something that makes him special but don't we all? In some way we are all the same but it's the small things we do and think that makes us all unique in a lot of ways. I'm glad that he has shown that even someone as young as he is, can still teach us that have been around longer. I no how it is with someone in the family has something that brings them out of the normal. I say this, it's not a challenge, it's a gift to remind us all that we all still got a lot to learn.

Benjamin Nightfist said...

Thank you friendly for everthing, over the 5 years I have been playing mmos I have never found a blogger that has emotion, that has life and doesnt just play video games

You have been a great pal and I cant wait to see what the future holds for you blog and our friendship

Anonymous said...

I'm glad family is going along well :). And this is a great community, don't worry, we'll always support ya!

Kensie said...

I am glad your son is doing well! :D
My little brother has autism too, at first i didn't understand because i was young when the doctors told us about it..but really he is an amazing child :) I am glad that he is my little brother and i am proud of him. Keep up the good work! The world needs more dads like you.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...


Very heartwarming post :)

You MIGHT, just MIGHT have added Special Needs Teacher to my list of career options........

Anonymous said...

Heyt again! Its the kid that probably started those posts with my comment on the third post back.. I now realise why you don't play too many other games.. And I think your even better a guy now! You are not like the people who play to play or play to win; you play to hang out with friends and family, and i love that! Sometimes i wish i could be more like that, because my friend plays horde mostly while i play alliance. Thanks so much for pouring your soul into the past few posts. The Wizard101 community will always need you, but i think tthey flung me out many months ago with harsh comments... Anyway! Gratz! Your family values, openess, and kindness should be more common in this world...

Carrie said...

Hey friendly. As the mother of a high-functioning autistic boy I know exactly what you mean. My Tyler is AMAZING, and he wouldn't be Tyler if he weren't a bit "different." We all play the hands we've been dealt, but there is nothing tragic about it. The families of autistic children just need a little understanding and love (who doesn't). All you readers are awesome for the support you give.

Anonymous said...

High-functioning Autism is generally known as Asperger's Syndrome (with the "p" pronounced like a "b"). I'm not sure if this is what Kyle has, but it would sound like it. The disorder was recently placed on the Autism spectrum, so if he is struggling in school, you may be able to have accomodations made for him(if you haven't already).
P.S.- I just read an article about a 12-year-old with Asperger's who is an astrophysics prodigy. Although most with Asperger's are not super intelligent(including myself), Kyle most likely has a bright future ahead of him nevertheless.

Shady said...

Just because Kyle has that, doesn't mean that he's any different from a lot of people. I mean, seriously, he's five and he is already REALLY high in W101, that is EPIC!!! I bet that he is a really great kid with a good future with such an epic family like yours!!! :)

-Shady :)

Christopher Dragonfriend said...

Hi Friendly,
I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a high-functioning form of Autism (as someone already mentioned) and may explain why I don't do so spectacularly in school.

Interestingly, I also love video games.

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Someone in my class is also autistic. I feel bad for deformed people whether mentally or physically.

Stingite said...

Thanks again for the support! Kyle is a little further down the scale of Autism than Asperger's, but we haven't had him re-tested since we had him first diagnosed.

Much like Carrie said above, he wouldn't be Kyle if he weren't a bit "different."