Monday, March 7, 2011

Myrna gets Snow Angel!

Yes! At long last, Myrna has secured her Snow Angel spell.

That's a cool tanking spell there, isn't it? Too bad it takes eight pips to get there, but no matter! It's a cool spell regardless. I love how it works a bit like Fire Dragon for fire wizards only with an additional taunt component.

I'd love to hear some recommendations on using that spell from the ice wizards in the house!

The battle to get Snow Angel was not as bad as some I've completed, but it was still a nice long fight with some hairy moments, and by hairy I mean furry!

Awww, get over here Volkir and give us a hug!

Andrew Dragonshade had some wisdom to add before the fight, and it was a good strategy. Use minions. AND use minions I did! I think by the end of the fight I had used three of them to be exact.

I'd add to that strategy that, once again, I'm totally amazed at the power of the Treant polymorph. Best reason to polymorph!

Soon after the fight it was just a hop skip and a teleport (since Myrna never completed Grizzleheim) over to the ledge here in Ravenscar, and the flying table napkin had arrived to say hello.

Thank you table napkin head! You never cease to creep me out.

As you can see we even invited Alric to the party. hehe.

The Boom Kids are now on the Science Center and are ready to rock it out. We're getting close to finishing up Celestia again and reaching legendary with three more wizards.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Ongoing damage to all enemies is a great thing! OK, maybe not so great vs other ice creatures, but it'll eat through those Tower Shields for you. Unfortunately he also eats through Traps, so I don't bother with those as much. Use your Blades and Balefrost to boost it, Vengeance if you've got it to increase Crit chances, use the rounds while it's ticking away to heal up.

Travis emeraldspear said...

congratz! hey friendly, how do you put a voki in your blog? nice voki! thanks, travis emeraldspear.

Anonymous said...

Freindly, what clothes are your ice wearing? I've never seen those designs before.

Stingite said...

@Sierra: thanks for the tips!

@Travis: just click on the voki link and you'll get to the site. It walks you through how to put it on your blog.

@anon: Those are the old school low-level crowns gear. :)