Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amber and Kyle Get their Level 58 Spells!

Well, yesterday wasn't all bad. Yeah, I spent most of the day sleeping after going to the doctor and getting a prescription for this head cold. It's nasty. This was me yesterday:

But, something to turn my frown upside down was that uber wife had plans to finish off Amber's level 58 spell quest. After switching out a deck with some converts and a dracon polymorph or two in it and after escaping out a couple times until she was going first in the battle (simple genius there, right?), she finally was undergoing her fight with Gristletusk, a 13k hitpoint life boss.

Note that previously we had completed this fight with a group because it *was* the only level 58 spell quest that could be done with a group. That all seems to have changed now as we couldn't port the other Boom Kids (Kyle and Myrna) to help Amber out.

After a few rounds of fire attacks and a prismed Centaur spell, Gristletusk fell in defeat.

WOOT amber!

After that it was just a quick run over to Mooshu and Amber was soon hanging out with her own personally wookie.


Late last night I finally woke up and muddled around the house, but Uber wife pretty much demanded that I give Kyle's spell quest a go, so I did.

Kyle was up against Khai Tengri, a 7k fire boss with a 2k life minion. Easy, right? Dang, took me three tries! I should have used more strategy with my deck the first time through, but my I care button was broken due to being sick.

What finally won it for me was a series of storm minions until I could take out the life minion and then a Triton followed by a charged up Tempest. Here's a video of the last half and kyle getting his Leviathan spell.

WTG Boom Kids! All that's left is for Myrna to eek out another half a level and finish that level 58 spell quest. POWA!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

In Kyle's video, when the boss says "Let's even the playing field", what's he doing? It goes to quickly to see. (I've got another 2 levels for my own Leviathan quest.)

Stingite said...

@Sierra: He's doing what all the level 58 spell quest bosses do: he casts a trap on you every time you cast a charm spell.

I'm interested in hearing about your spell quest experience. Wasn't exactly and easy fight. :)