Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angus's Server of Choice? Gardening Tips?

Question from Nitasu987:
Heya Friendly! I've got a few questions (No duh) Ok so i was wondering, what realm do you usually play on as Angus??? I have a lv 36 Death guy ( Cole ShadowThorn) and maybe we could fight some bosses sometime. and also, do you have any tips for gardening? I'm rank 3 and i have a moderately sized garden.
Thx a lot

- Nitasu987
YO Nitasu! Thanks for the note and thanks for the kind offer to play Cole side-by-side with Angus. Angus is kind of a loaner (and a rebel) since I'm trying to solo this whole gosh darn thing without none no clothes on.

If someone runs into my battle, it's no big deal, but his friends list is pretty much closed. He usually hangs out on the Unicorn server (he is a UNICORNpants after all), plays early early in the morning, and basically tries to avoid contact with other wizards . . . if you happen to see him, SURE, run in and say hi. :)

Tips for gardening?! Hmm, well I wrote this up a little while ago; although, I gotta say that the new placement of the circles has me a little thrown off.

I had a cool system for growing plants in a circle, and now KI has gone and removed the "snap to" feature from gardening. All I used to have to do was run into the middle and put my mouse over the snap dragon in the middle. Now you just hover your mouse anywhere to cast with no "snapping." I was tending to my frozen fly trap garden this morning and totally missed one of my plants because of this new method! GRR!

I wish they'd make "snap to plant" a toggle option for gardening instead of just removing it. meh. I'll get used to it. /rant off

Pink Dandelions will take you a long way in the early ranks of gardening. Spending any amount of time farming bosses in Krokotopia will yield a number of them. If you can shift to Silver Trumpet Vine to level up at rank 4, then you've hit gold. I'm sold on leveling up gardening with crown plants. It just goes so much faster.

I avoid growing more plants than my energy can handle, and I clump them all together in a nice circle. Uber wife is under the impression that you can skip the middle gardening spells and save yourself some money, and she's pretty much right. I've only used the medium-sized plant circle for situational reasons, like three or four plants near each other with an odd similar like.

The main thing I tried to do is try to get as many liked things to surround my plants as possible so I get that elder harvest faster! I've heard of some people planting stinkweed near their garden to slow everything down so they "maximize their rewards" as it were, but I'm not a proponent of that. The elder harvest is the harvest you want!

I'm working on a spreadsheet for gardening like I have for the pets and housing items that I may add in the future.

For you, Nitasu, at rank three, Rye Bread Bushes, Helephant Ears, and Baby Carrots are your best bet for the "free" plants for leveling (or at least the ones with the most exp rewards).

Kevin Battleblood has a good series of gardening guides going over on his blog, that are an interesting read. If you're interested in Wizard101 Gardening, you'll find some interest there for sure. (Note: Some of his older information involves floating plants, which I believe no longer works.)

I'm sure my readers will have lots of tips as well. :)

Thanks for the note and questions!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

If you do get those medium spells, you can fit 9 small pots (in a 3x3 grid) or 7 medium pots (in a hexagon) inside a medium spell ring.

Once you get up to level 4 and have the rank 3 Pest spell, I'd move up to Prickly Bear Cactus - they give you a lot of pet snacks, sometimes even Mega Snacks, which is great if you're pet training and also sell to the Bazaar for quite a bit.

Stingite said...

@sierra: Nice tip, thanks!

Stingite said...

btw, I got a rude comment that I'm not posting because quite honestly it looked like a post trolling for comments.

If it was how someone truly felt though, listen . . . it's just not the truth. I have plenty of people on my friend's list that aren't "famous."

Relax. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Yo friendly!
Just a comment for gardening, I got all of the level one gardening spells, and never trained any others. I'm now a grandmaster gardener.
What I did was I just fought in Celestia to get Silver Trumpet Vines, along with other crown plants (the most XP giving), and clumped them together.
So if people want to save, just buy the level one plant spells, don't really bother wasting money on 1000 gold multiple plant spells... I'm kind of a saver anyway so this works for me. :)
Epic blog friendly. Epic blog.

Jack Dunestrider, Lvl 52 Balance

Suri Blueflower said...

I have to say..pink dandelions and silver trumpet vines did it for me...I got to Grand gardener in about a month with 3 silver trumpet vines (harvesting them and planting more when they got to elder, of course) and about 2 or 3 pink dandelions..So yeah..When you get to rnk4 I really suggest using Silver trumpet vines