Friday, January 2, 2009

The Wizard 101 news page

I received an e-mail from Professor Greyrose today and she wanted to let y'all know that Wizard 101 has their own blog! (Well . . . they're calling it their news page, and they're right . . . no RSS feed . . . if you want a newsfeed for Wizard 101 stuff, you'll have to click here). So without further adieu, here is the link!

Ravenwood News (You can also get there by clicking on the "News" link from the main site and then selecting "Ravenwood News.")

As Greyrose said in her newsletter, the news page is for "all our fans who want to keep up to date on everything that’s happening in Ravenwood . . ." It sounds like a shortcut from visiting the forums, AND it sounds like they're going to keep it updated as well. I think you'll probably find mostly downtime and patch announcements, but who knows what cool stuff you may find there in the future!

More power to ya, Kingsisle!

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