Friday, January 23, 2009

Joined Wizard 101 Central today

I honestly don't know what I haven't joined this site before now:

Tons, tons, TONS of good info there. If you haven't signed up, you should do it.

Happy Dueling!


Jaycee27 said...


I am one of the new Admins for the Wikia Wizard 101 Wiki.
I found your blog just after we joined the game and have found it entertaining and informative. We have put a link to your blog under Links/Blogs on the site. If you wish to remove it simply visit and edit the page.
Also it would be appreciated if you would put our link up.
The Wiki is coming together pretty well, even though a lot of the information is at the early stages, exposure to more players will always be great for the Wiki - especially those who could add content on later game stages.

stingite said...

Sounds good, Jaycee. I've got you all linked up!

Thanks for your words of kindness, and that's awesome your wiki is coming together.

Quantize said...

Yay! I am on W101C as well, same name as this. It seems like it's the biggest community (5,000 members) for w101.

stingite said...

Awesome! I'll be lookin' for your threads!

My2Cents said...

Hi, any advice on how to get my son and my new blog checked out by people who love Wizard101? He and I are writing the blog from a Dad/Son point of view. We are new to this and don't want to spam anyone but would like to get some followers.